Wednesday , June 16 2021

Vodacom stopped threatened

Vodacom faces a continuous attack from politicians and lobby to get an agreement agreed in the case Please Call Me.

This follows statement of Vodacom Earlier this month, its CEO decided the amount of rational compensation paid to Kenneth Makate for his Idea Call Me an idea.

Makate answered to Vodacom's statement, saying he was not in agreement with anything and that "the amount that the CEO has decided is shocking and insulting."

Vodacom replied, explaining that the Constitutional Court, who ordered to pay Makate, did not require him to agree to the sum of his CEO.

Vodacom said that he considered the matter closed, and that Makate's funds would be transmitted as soon as they had bank details.

Low politicians

While Vodacom wants to relocate from this issue, politicians and group groups called "PleaseCallMe Movement" have other ideas.

Told the Vodacom communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams just "closed" recently, urging the company to "do the right thing, talk to Makate instead of this poor PR-stupid".

She added that Vodacom should not "talk with us until you have reached a colony with his team".

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi commented on Twitter that people must stand with this bully called Vodacom "Nkosana" Please Call Me & # 39; Makate "against".

Lesufi added that Makate must be protected by Vodacom and that the company must "pay him before the end of the month before the rage of the nation".

Saturday Star quoted Lesufi says that "Vodacom should not ignore us" and "if they did not solve the matter before January 31, we will use all the means possible."

"We're going to press institutions involved with Vodacom. We have to press the state and we want to press internationally Vodacom," he said.

Lesufi added that he was "in contact with South African embassies to get contacts that could help press Vodacom abroad".

Vodacom stopped threatened

The Movement PleaseCallMe, headed by Modise Sekgothe, threatens to close Vodacom on January 31, if you do not reach a colony.

The movement, which claims to resist the bullying company and an incorrect consumer, said Vodacom to Makate R70 billion for his idea.

"Join us, because we will stop Vodaworld by seeking justice for Nkosana Makate," a fresh wing reads.

Another view

With so much focus on the battle between Vodacom and Makate, the real inventor of the Service Please Call to Me rarely mentioned.

Ari Kahn, who had previously consulted for MTN, created the "Call Me" technology in 2000 and said that Vodacom privately acknowledged him as an inventor of the service.

The Patent Office of SA gave the Call Me a patent to Kahn and MTN, and recognized Kahn as the inventor on January 22, 2001.

As a real call to me an inventor, Kahn believes that Makate does not have to get a hundred of Vodacom for his "invention".

Kahn said Makate was not the case of Please Call Me, adding that the courts had never ruled out that he had invented the service. "You can not invent an idea – everything he has proposed," said Kahn.

Kahn said Makate was not entitled to the Call Please Call me and no rights to compensation as "the Patent Kahn / MTN constitutes Prior Art".

"The whole case was portrayed as" the little boy denied his duty of the great bullying network "to accompany sympathy and to take away the fact that he did not actually invent the service," said Kahn.

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