Monday , June 14 2021

We are testing the new Nissan Navara 4×2 drive

At first there were cars to the town and the cattle to the farm. Then people wanted urban cars that could do what Bucky does, like towing a trailer or buying around pets and building materials, but it looks a little better than Bucky and feels like a car to drive.

In addition, he must be able to move the whole family and their luggage – comfortably.

Enter the 4×2 double cab bakkie – and you just have to look around the parking area on the school sports day, or run the school, to see for yourself how the double cab cabkies have become the family vehicle of choice in many urban homes.

When Navarra was launched in South Africa, it was only disguised as 4×4.

In order to compete with the growing market segment, Nissan added to the series the double-decker versions of 4×2 – which is the test tool of the week Express on wheels.

The Navara drives like the Bakkie, have a load box like the Bakkie, is as high as the Big Bakkie, but has all the modcons, such as touch screen navigation and navigation, a camera with all round views, comfortable seats, plenty of storage space, steering wheel controls and cruise control To make the "plaasjapie" into the real city spring.

The new versions of the 4×2 are available with only one engine – Nissan's 2,6-liter turbo diesel.

Buyers can choose between a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed automatic transmission.

There are two spec levels, ie SE and LE higher.

The new Navarra models include seven standard airbags and more than one ton.


One of the best features on Navara is a chameleon-like display around the monitor, which uses some cameras to display the surrounding one.

With a vehicle at this altitude, its almost necessary to be able to see what is going on behind you, especially on school hours at peak hours.

Nissan Navara has a spacious, modern look.

Fix over range are Bluetooth streaming audio and navigation, as well as an intelligent key with stop / start button.

The onboard navigation system includes radio, video on DVD / VCD / CD / MP3 or MPEG4 USB connectivity.

All of these, as well as cruise control, can be turned on to control the steering wheel.

Other standard luxury features include automatic LED lights, two-zone air conditioning, three 12V sockets in the cabin and an automatic reverse rearview mirror.


The Powering the Navara is a new, twin turbo diesel 2.3 liter engine, which delivers 140kW and 450Nm.

During the week spent with Navara, it was primarily a motion-driven test at peak hours, but a cross school event at Fort Alfred offered us the opportunity to take it on the long road.

The route from Port Elizabeth to Port Alfred, as well as between Port Alfred and Grahamstown, via Bath, was notorious for their poor condition, and offered a great opportunity to see how Navarra would deal with poor road conditions.

The verdict – quite impressive. He suggested a smooth ride and feels like a car without being hovering despite an empty loading box. It's a bit slow to start walking, but once on the go, it speeds up well – even on uphills.

Also impressive was the road holding, and a good corner, and a pleasant overall feeling of a sturdy drive and enough power for safe overtaking.

The only time he felt like a runaway horse was in the rush hour when he made a handbrake on the slopes-sometimes I felt like I was in control of an inflatable horse.

But it is something in the style of driving quickly adapts.

The fuel consumption achieved during the week of the test, which included urban driving and open roads, was an average of 9L / 100 km.

The Navara has a first coil spring 5-link rear suspension in the central one ton pickup.

This offers advantages usually associated with an SUV and those that include better road maintenance, such as car travel and better comfort and traction through high speed corners.

The Navara has a 229mm ground clearance. It also has a leading capacity of a cargo grade of more than one ton and can tow a brake trailer to 3.5 tonnes.


Nissan Assured offers a warranty of one year / 150 000 km and three years / 90 000km utility. Leather seats are available as an optional supplement.

Nissan Navarra 2.3 4×2 SE DC MT – from R484 900 (including VAT)

Nissan Navarra 2.3 4×2 SE DC AT – from R510 900 (including VAT)

Nissan Navarra 2.3 4×2 LE DC MT – from R569 500 (including VAT)

Nissan Navarra 2.3 4×2 LE DC AT – from R575 500 (including VAT)

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