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20-20 November will commemorate the National Day of the HIV Test Coseida (22:30 h) <ADN – Agencia Digital de Noticias Sureste

San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaks. November 16, the National AIDS Testing and Prevention Council, which will be commemorated on Friday, November 23, the State Council for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, and the Ambulatory Center for the Prevention and Treatment of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (Coesida-Capitas) To 23 this month, rapid testing of HIV detection at different points of the entity.

Sony DSC

Sony DSC

In this way, in coordination with the Autonomous University "Benito Juárez" of Oaxaca (UABJO), the Regional University of South-East Oaxse (URSE) and the Department of Health of the Municipality of Oaxaca de Juárz invites the Oaxacans to participate in the free and confidential HIV test.

"Every year, the purpose of these activities is to encourage Oxens to carry out an HIV test, to know their serological status, and thereby help stop the transmission of the virus," said the director-general of Cosida-Capasitas Gabriella Velasquez Rosas.

The activity will take place on Tuesday, November 20, starting at 9:00 am at the university campus facilities. The conference will take place at the "The Importance of the HIV Test" at the Center for Educational Assessment and Innovation (Cevie). At the same time, three mobile HIV tests will be conducted at the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Rector.

On Wednesday, November 21st, the three mobile units will be located at the facilities of the URSE Al Rosario campus, providing the service at the Faculty of Nutrition, in front of the large operating room and in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. At 10 am, the conference "Importance of HIV testing" will be presented.

Quasida - National HIV testing day (1)

Also, on November 22 a mobile unit will be located on the German campus URSE, another in the Juarez "El Alno" park and another at the Plaza de la Danza. At 10, the conference "Importance of HIV testing" will be presented again at the Municipal Health Office located at Mártires de Tacubaya 315, Centro, Oaxaca.

Finally, on Friday, November 23, the day on which the National Memorial Day will be held for HIV testing, the activities of the Faculty of Medicine and the UABJO will be completed, where three mobile units will be installed, and the conference will also be presented. "Safe and protected sexual practices" began at 10 am.

It should be noted that in the same manner in Capasits located in San Bartolo Coyotepec, Selena Cruz and Santiago Pinotapa Nacional, HIV tests will be performed between 8: 00-3: 00

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