Monday , January 25 2021

A little report about Elisa Carrió against the Judicial Power: "They close the causes without investigating or postponing them"

One of the horses of work Eliza Carrió and the members of the Civil Coalition are the fight against corruption by means of denunciations in Justice. According to these lines, the alliance of the government always focuses on the operation of the Judicial Power in relation to these causes. Now the party, which the legislator leads, presents A report in which he summarized the state of the cases for organized crime and corruption, and also left a series of questions to the times and other shortcomings of Justice.

"Justice closes the causes without investigating or delaying them, due to lack of freedom to promote research or lack of courage and, in some cases, against personal benefits or benefits", reads in one of the first paragraphs of the hard information in which "lights and shades of the Argentine justice" are exposed, as it was titled.

The document presented by the CC also stressed that "the causes are not usually going on against civil servants that belong to the power of the day, or have the coverage of the same, and in the few cases that occur normally when they are published and judges They are very attentive to public opinion, or the end of government is approaching. This has turned Argentina into a country outside the law. "

By the way, it showed Carlos Menem's recent acquittal in the case of alleged battleship of weapons: "Scandinavian events take place, such as former President Menem, who was acquitted by the House of Census after more than twenty years of unjustly late research about weapons smuggling. So, of course, deputies from the Civic Armed Coalition requested the residence of Judges Catucci, Riggi and Mahiques, as well as promoting so many requests for prosecution against judges and prosecutors throughout the country. "

The letter also remembers the cause called General Rodriguez's "Trial Crime", and explains: "The cause of ephedrine, the financing of drug campaigns (…) is exchanged in the aforementioned plot established by organized crime / political power / impunity given by Justice ". In this context, the document Elisa Carrió's signature fails to mention a special former official: "This explains that Aníbal Fernández is one of the most unpopular people in the country. "

The report was accompanied by a large diagram that summarizes the state of the 110 criminal complaints submitted by the CC. The document warns that, of all of them, "sixteen were filed at once and eight were closed without any investigation, up to five years later, due to alleged absence of crime. They remained active only in appearance, but with no real legal activity. There are even many reasons that only four or five years have been resolved, which the court takes part. On the contrary, the whole cause raised to trial results to be only four, without counting anyone with a firm decision ".

The text continues to emphasize the showy times of Justice: "The reasons that continue in the instruction stage are worth 82, even when some date from the years 2006 and 2008, such as the denial of the collection of YPF and the mega cause of illicit association ".

In the end, it describes that, based on the analysis set out, there is a "very small animation picture regarding the operation of the Federal Justice". Anyway, animation undergoes that there is "contrary to the results observed in recent years." One important fact must not be omitted: during the 2016/2018 period, many of those reported by deputy Elisa Carrió and the Civil Coalition have been prosecuted, prosecuted and even serve as a prerequisite, such as Julio De Vido, Robert Baratta, Ricardo Jaime, Claudio Uberti, Rudi Ulloa Igor, Cristóbal López, Lázaro Baez, Carlos Wagner, among others ".

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