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A slight decline in casual employment in the first half of the year

Although between January and June this year was Decrease in manpower employed by temporary employment agencies, This is explained primarily in seasonal terms, according to industry sources.


INDEC report on the evolution of temporary work during the first half of the year shows that the first month of 2018 was closed with 55,006 temporary employees hired by the agency, while in June the figure fell to 48,380. "This behavior of the market is the usual, More of temporary workers during the summer periods of harvest, "explains Ricardo Wachowicz, president of the Federation of Argentine Companies of Temporary Work (FAETT) and of the Beeton Group.

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What happened today we tell you the most important news of the day, and what will happen tomorrow when you get up

What happened today we tell you the most important news of the day, and what will happen tomorrow when you get up

Monday to Friday afternoon.

However, the annual comparison between June 2017 and June 2018 flows A slight decrease in the number of temporary temporary workers: From 49,611 to 43,380.

Despite the destructive context An increase in unemployment (Up to 9.6% in the second quarter, 5 tenths above the previous measurement), the temporary employment sector expects to continue at current levels, "said Wachowicz, referring to the hiring of temporary workers.

Temporal employees accounted for 0.77% of all official private positions in the second quarter, totaling 6,211,000 workers, according to Ministry of Labor data.

60% of the temporary work is concentrated in the city of Buenos Aires and in Buenos Aires.

With regard to geographical distribution, the INDEC report presents a clear picture The concentration of temporary workers in the city of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires: Almost 60% of the temporary workers work in these communities, while Cordova has 6.2%, Santa Fe 8.5% and Mendoza 3.9% of the total.

The socio-demographic factor

Temporary work mainly affects the conquest of young people. The report reports that 69.4% of these workers are under the age of 30, 24.4% are between 31 and 45 and 6.1% are over the age of 45.

According to a survey of professionals from partner companies of FAETT, for 7 out of 10 respondents, young people are interested in temporary proposals on the basis of: The possibility of balancing your studies with a part-time job (60%), the benefits of formal and registered work (20%), the opportunity to acquire work experience (10%), and the economic contribution given by the occupation in relation to dependence (10%).

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Regarding gender composition, 73.1% of temporary employees are men and 26.9% are women. "This is because of the type of task usually developed by temporary workers in Argentina, there Industrial operators forever"Emphasizes Wachowicz.

According to the INDEC report, the segmentation relative to the educational level showed that 63.8% of the temporary workers had full secondary education; 8.9% completed university or tertiary education, and 4.6% completed higher education. The remaining 13.3% had a partial secondary education.

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