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After the reign of La Rioja, in the Rozada they fear "transfer" of re-elections in opposition provinces – 01/25/2019

The government did not hide it disappointment by means of the dominion of the Supreme Court around the referendum to make an amendment that allows the governor of La Rioja, Sergio Houses, attend for re-election

Opposition of protest before the Supreme Court of La Rioja.

Opposition of protest before the Supreme Court of La Rioja.

In the officialism they rushed in warning that the failure of the Maximum Court feels Beautiful antecedent which made possible the "transfer of re-elections" by other governors.

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In Cambio we compare the vote this Sunday with the experience of Carlos Rovira in Missions, when in 2006 he called referendum for indefinite re-election and lost to Bishop Joaquín Piña. "There the re-election test of 8 rulers was stopped"they called out.

They also rejected the Executive to be dealt with with double twig to judge the reelelectric attempt of Governor Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneck. Sergio Wisky, a macrista reference in that province, compared both situations and said that at least La Rioja people were consulting to choose from. In the Government there are few who prefer a Weretilneck order before the mayor of General Rock, Martin Soria.

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However, with the past of the hours, in Cambio we preferred to make the most optimistic reading of the sentence and emphasize the fact that the Court he did not declare himself incompetent, as in the case of Santa Cruz and the law of slogans. In the Rosary House, they urged to win the vote this Sunday to solve the dispute.

"The rule of the Court can not be interpreted as validation of the dirty intention of the Governor-Cases to re-elect itself. The Court accepted that the trial fell into its original jurisdiction. He agreed that the defense could be appropriate, but most considered it premature, because there was no consolidated case, "explained the radical jurist Ricardo Gil Lavedra, who defends the position of the ruling party before the Court.

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Thus, Cambiemos could appeal again to the Court if it gets an adverse result.

The radical senator Julio Martínez and La Rioja mayor of Peronist extraction, Alberto Paredes Urquiza, who are struggling to be the candidates of Change in the election to a ruler, have set up.

"Although the Supreme Court has not taken place, it will act and take care of and wait for the results, if the amendment is finalized or not. We think it is important the suggestion of the Court to local Justice to guarantee transparency", Say the former defense minister.

The leadership of Cambiemos warned by the "Client device" of Houses and broadcast videos from eating pocketss and goods in Chilecito and other places.

He also insisted on the impossibility of sponsors of public prosecutors tell the votes, they pointed out the technical objections to the "No" ballots and the virtual impossibility to replace them in the dark room.

No reference has expectations that the Supreme Court of La Rioja can decide against Human Rights. "It's justice of addictive"they affirmed.

In the Rosada House he affirmed Unexpected victory Sunday beyond any legal interpretation. They refer to the discussion that Cambiemos raised before the Supreme Court for the interpretation of Article 84 of the Constitution of La Rioja.

Peronism aims only to calculate the votes of the "No", which should be added 35 percent of the template. Let's change interpret what the votes are for "Yes" Those who should add that percentage.

With the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice for La Rioja, another problem in Balcarce 50 became apparent: the solitude of the President of the Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, who again voted in disagreement and wanted to make a place for the defense.

"In fact, he again failed (Horacio) Rosatti who opens the matter with the enablement of the just and post requested peronist match around", they were evaluated in the executive court of the Executive.

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