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Andre Calmaro, Intimate: "In the past two years I have found myself alone"

What prompted you to release the new album?

"This is a good question because we recorded another album, a very long production because it involves special guests, so it does not depend on us when the album is over, and we made this album a little bit good. "I'm going to have to go." (Weidemar), Who wrote the songs with me. So this year we started finding songs and started recording the models, the drawings, the so-called demos. He helped us a very good musician Martin Pommers, Playing the guitar and it gave a good sound aspect to these homemade recordings.

Unnamed: Today, what are you singing about?

"It's a good question, and many things have made me write letters, for example, I like to think about the Bible, but from a non-religious or theocratic perspective. And there I found some interesting moments: I have my own theories, my opinions about the Bible. I'm also very interested in World War II. And sometimes, sentences. For example, I went to a store in Palermo, where I like to buy records, on Calais Honduras, and I arrive and I find a sign saying, "I'll be back in five minutes." That night we wrote "I'll be back in five minutes". It's the songs that were left out of the album, but you have an expression that was shot.

In the poem "Las romas" you say: "Love in the days of Ibuprofen there is cover but there is no filling." ¿why is it?

– My original expression was to talk about love times Netflix. In the past it was said that when the light was cut off and there was no television, nine months later many children were born. Because This is not a joke the distraction of watching TV. And love at Netflix times, right? I mean, visual leisure, phones, on boards; It is much easier to stay alone at home. Even many times one says "I want to get home and do these things quietly."

¿What is love at 57?

God. you know that At the age of 57, a man is not left alone, he remains alone. One thing is lonely and another is loneliness. And with 56 years, well, In the past two years I have found myself alone. And loneliness began to convince me; He convinced me, yes.

– I convinced myself. That is, Be alone and comfortable, How to wear the same pants a few days in a row. Apparently, love makes us vulnerable. I think you should remember that love is also a word. That is, There was too much talk about love and we do not really know what it is. The heart has a very noble role and is very important because it spread the blood through our body. The heart is ready to win for 200 years, but there is no human body that holds the heart. I believe that the heart has been doing enough so that we can make it responsible for our emotional disaster.

-Other songs to your talk about is prohibited as a way of life. Is it so, does it represent you?

He represents me, though I do not know if he thought of me. I think when I wrote that sentence I thought about it The female power to get things.

"No, no, I'd better explain it … and I'm not talking about feminist empowerment, no; I'm talking about a woman's ability to get things with her magic. For example, I do not know … Mata Hari.

"Sharp Truths," by Andres Calamaro

– Do you often fall into these traps?

"I do not know, once or twice it's enough to have an attempt to write a song.

¿How do you think she developed as an artist?

"When I started I did not see myself as a lyricist, much less.In the beginning, when I was young, I wanted to be an accepted musician to be able to play with other great musicians. Betto Sterny, A great Uruguayan musician, later with Miguel Abuelo, Charlie Garcia. My skills were the keyboard, or being a good element, a good companion on tours, being able to sing; Everything helped a little. Making words, making songs, is another area just a keyboard game. And that will be, without exaggerating the importance of the word, Amen. It's one thing to put your talent to the service of someone's talent, and another thing is to record your records. So I wrote bigger words. The first album that has 100% of my lyrics is No one is leaving here, Which was recorded in 88. It looks a lot, but 30 years ago I was no longer a teenager; I had 25 long …

And at that moment you were afraid of something?

Afraid? The fear of the police has already passed. I was a boy in a very difficult time in our country, when I was bent on the horror of the violent military dictatorship and the youth who did not work in politics suffered from the pressure of many citizens. Walking at night, recital with friends, anything can happen. And indeed: sometimes something happened. I was 16 years old when I recorded an album for the first time. And I remember the day we made the symbolic signature of the contract, we went back to celebrate. And that same day I was taken for the first time to a dark police station, Drug Enforcement, on Calais Horgo, now known as Puerto Madero. I do not know if I have fear, but it was a worry, maybe a little paranoia as well. This was the time when we did not say the surname to anyone: "Andres" and "Andres" so that they would not put us in a private name and a surname on the agenda that would be handed over to the police. It seemed very complicated but it was our daily life. And I learned not to be afraid.

But for personal, fear that your songs are unknown, fear that your career is short? Have you ever thought about that?

My career is too long, but 25 years ago it was not fear. I thought: "With 60 years, with whom I will live, who will feed me?"

, Do not imagine the success that was your career …

"No, not all he wanted was to record an anecdotal record before the age of 20 and be able to say," I've already recorded a record! "All these were surprises, Miguel's trust, Charlie's honor, all my colleagues. The second … It's not 1000 years but it's 900, right? 40 years We have lost many friends in battle, but there are many of us who are still together.

– What was the hardest thing for you to achieve?

"This is a complex question to ask Those who respect the law of minimal effort almost as the only law. I mean, me I have severe insomnia, So trips and tours are not difficult but they are not easy either, because I'm not the ones who support themselves this way and are already asleep. It's hard to sleep after a recital; It is difficult. First you spend two hours with the TV on without volume before you take off your clothes. This is the first thing that happens. It is difficult. Maybe I'd have to think about really hard things, would not I? But look, fortunately you ask me about something difficult and I do not know what to answer you. The hardest thing is to be able to answer you. I have no idea

"Do you care what they think of you?"

Unnamed: And … Unnamed: I'm a bit armored already. I mean, my artistic and political tendencies I know that can upset many people. Anyway, I feel accompanied by intellectuals and good friends, the people that matter to me agree with me, I guess …

Politics, why?

"Well, it's something that's happening to me more in Spain than here, my defense of the integrity of the bullfight, I do not know if it will be understood here, I'm an Argentinian but I'm also Spanish and I'm very proud to be, I love that Spain has a king, I want to go see a bullfight. And yet all these things are nice in Spain They put me a little to the right of the spectrum and accused me of fascism, nonsense. I laugh: I was raised in socialism, feminism, an atheist … but I have no problems.

¿This is not happening to you, in Argentina?

Look, between Among the many barbarians he said, (Domingo Faustino) Saraminto said some very nice things, So he woke up every day, waiting for his opinions to provoke rejection and rejection. He was a very interesting guy, without saying a few things that sound pretty tough today … but I mean, I have to be proud of those people who criticize me because they criticize me for the things I believe in, friendship, for the things I defend. So I like that they talk about me badly because I believe in me, and I do not bother the failure because I do not know what the success is more complex. Y Today I fail I will take advantage of creative leisure. The day I fail I'll take time to write more songs.

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