Tuesday , January 19 2021

Applying artificial intelligence to thousands of Instagram photos to predict an epidemic flow

The combination of scientific knowledge and technological applications gives a new series of previously unexpected techniques or medicine in medicine. Two final researchers have published a system study that uses the Artificial intelligence and images taken by Instagram, which would anticipate the end of a flu epidemic one or two weeks ahead and that would achieve a precision of more than 90%.

The study was based on a sample of more than 22 thousand people with flute in Finland In the last five years they have posted posts on the social network Instagram.

Finnish scientists specialized in machine learning and artificial intelligence Miikka Ermes and Oguzhan Gencoglu published their work in the Cornell North American University magazine, which consisted of comparing the various hashtag (words) with words such as flu, fever, headache and linking them with photos published in Instagram of medical boxes, tea cups with lemons and thermometer.

After the information entered, that turned out at the tip of the influenza epidemic The degree of coincidence reached by the algorithm reaches 96%, one week before 90% and, at two weeks, 86%.

When developing the artificial intelligence algorithm to control If there were connections between the two databases, one of the texts and the other with images, discovered that people, still feeling bad, are still publishing social networks, in this case Instagram.

The European country has long tradition of healthy system very technically based on its database.

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