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Arda Argentinos: The battle between Carboni and Herbella added a venomous chapter – 11/13/2018

The controversy does not stop. After the strong tweets he published on Monday Juan Harbella, A former medical coordinator of Argentinos Jr., against Ezequiel Carboni, The former technician of Bug And President of La Paternelli Club, Christian Malespina, They went to answer "Doctor" With end plugs.

"I was surprised by his publications, and in general I did not tell the president (Christian Malesina) that he should take someone out, but on the contrary, he never asked me, he would never let me do one of those things," Carboni said in the controversial posts that Herbella released against former DT The former club of La Paternal.

He continued: "They tell me about their leaving once. And they give me a lot of explanations that I prefer to keep quiet and I am even ashamed of the reasons for their dismissal. Codes that I would not have done and no one would have done them, but I would rather keep it because I feel involved in my leadership from the group. The leaders make the decision because of their inability. "

"We have no justification for justifying us, the leaders expected results and I could not give them, we must be critical and continue to move forward. It is very ugly to talk about the other when one no longer ", Concluded Carboni.

Ezequiel Carboni made his debut as coach of Argentinus. It was 0 to 0 before San Martin de Tucumán, in Ciudadela. (Photo: Delof Rodriguez)

Ezequiel Carboni made his debut as coach of Argentinus. It was 0 to 0 before San Martin de Tucumán, in Ciudadela. (Photo: Delof Rodriguez)

On the other hand, Cristian Malespina, president of Argentinus, was also shot at the Rabla: "It was the leadership, not the carbon. Herbella has explained to us why she made us buy an ultrasound machine for $ 18,000 if she never used it, why she played Alexis (Mac Allister) and Damian (Batallini) ahead without prior research, why she took all the medical equipment of the club and still did not return him. He has to explain a lot of things that have done a lot of damage to the club right now. "

"The chat he sent (on Monday) shows me that all this was planned in advance." Of course he was confused. He was not the president of the club, he was simply a medical coordinator who did not do good things, so he no longer works in Argentina. It was the wrong decision for me to bring her in time ", Melespin admitted.

Christian Malaspina with Hugo Moyano. (Photo: Twitter @Independiente)

Christian Malaspina with Hugo Moyano. (Photo: Twitter @Independiente)

As for Ischael Carboni, President of the La Petranelle Club, he admitted to feeling "embarrassed by others" because of the accusation that the fans had expelled the former coach. "I want the Argentinian partner to know who he is all about", Said the current president of Bug.

Finally, Malaspina admitted that he was communicating with Eduardo Dominguez And his representative, but found that he had received a negative answer from a former colonel who had no intention of returning to work quickly. In the coming hours, the leadership will meet with Gabriel Milito to learn about his project. "He has the technical profile we like"Said Malespina.

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