Saturday , June 19 2021

Argentina Pride: Gustavo Fernandez was a champion at the Australian Opening

Gustavo Fernandez won the Swedish Stefan Olsson in the final and won the Australian Opening in an adapted tennis. It is the third Grand Slam that wins in his career: he has already triumphed in this competition in 2017 and stayed with Roland Garros in 2016.

The third was the victory for the Cordova 25 years, which fell in the Wimbledon 2017 and 2018 goals against the same rival.

"I was very excited, it was very difficult to work here, I lost four Great Slam finals in a row and hard. Sometimes the ghosts appear and you have to work to make them disappear. There are many people behind all this to finish giving today. I needed to be given and I'm very happy, "he said. Gust, World number 2 in the ranking of the International Federation, after raising the trophy.

The reference of the Argentine staffman went to his fall before the Swedish Olsson, the Japanese Shingo Kunieda (Roland Garros 2018) and the British Alfie Hewett (Roland Garros 2017).

El Lobito recorded the twentieth title of his career.

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