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Beatle, a terrible movie-star and a hard rock musician united by Michael Jackson in Thriller, the best-selling record in history

By Marianela Insua Escalante

The art is not correct, sometimes the order of the factors changes the product. But other times, like in Thriller, the sum of certain talents is a perfect number. Michael Jackson published this album in 1982 and the account of the copies sold in the world has already been lost, it speculates that they are almost 50 million. Calculation of the United States Registry Association (RIAA) says that 1,500 listeners of a disk on the Internet account for sale. And digital platforms have also been adopted Thriller, so it's still a lot.

The album is going to talk about the cut with the emblematic song, the horrible video and the unforgettable choreography, but with the exception of the song song, this album contains pop hymns and music details that make it a masterpiece. Produced by Quincy Jones, this place that lasted for eight months, retains many hits as stories that have come to light during the years.

Directed by John Landis, the video of "Thriller" broke all the molds. In a kind of short film of almost 14 minutes, he had a story of love and terror, a typical American. Jackson, after 24 years, marched a hand with her girl until he became a wolf. And then dead live. And then I'm a boy. Everything that happens during the song plays, all dance, it's night and danger.

Michael, who has come from a child's wonderful beauty with her brothers, the Five Five, has become a demanding man and for this video he has chosen the best. For the direction of the clip he hired Landis, a specialist in the genre of terror and also exhibited in the Blues Brothers musical movie (1980). As a co-star she decided on Ola Ray, a beautiful model and actress, who was Playmate a few years earlier. Everything was ideal.

The song composed by Rod Temperton was going to call "Starlight", but Jones did not close it and they decided "Thriller". Temperton composed songs like "Boogie Nights" for his band Heatwave, so he had very clearly.

For the really sinister touch, they say that Quincy Jones originally thought about Alice Cooper, but finally decided on the best: Vicent Price. The actor, renowned for his performance in class B films, gave a voice to the macabre story and the final laugh, which is already a registered trademark.

Quincy Jones was in charge to understand what Michael wanted and contributed what was missing. To the four songs that the artist formed, Jones added five and together they spent days and nights editing voices and instruments. It was eight months since the production took place between April and November 1982 at the Westlake recording studios in Los Angeles, California. According to Jones, time later it took eight weeks only with "Thriller".

When they recorded "Beat It", another class on the album, the intensity was so great that the teams were burning. For this issue, they called Eddie Van Halen to make a single, which would become a success. The hard rocker put 30 seconds away from his strings, while in another studio Michael recorded voices and in a third, Quincy Jones mixed with his team. Three studies went too much and the speakers finished burning. Every metaphor

Although working was unattainable, Jones and Jackson sparkled in creativity. The producer had experience, but the twenty-year-old was already a genius and knew exactly what he wanted. One of the conflicts was the introduction of 30 seconds for "Billie Jean". Jones did not agree, but Miguel insisted he wanted to dance. And he was right, as it was and was successful.

Although Michael Jackson said that "Billie Jean" was a fictitious name, some of his biographies saw that it seemed to be a pretty intense fan who, in 1981, sent a letter to Michael, saying to him that he was the father of the baby who gave birth to . Other letters followed until a girl's graduation photo and gun were added to the correspondence. This Billie Jean wanted the singer to take her own life while she kills her baby. The artist was afraid, informed the authorities and the end of the story. The woman would end up in a psychiatric hospital and the song at the top of all world ranks.

The Beatles, a sweet obsession

"The Girl is Mine" was the kick for the accomplishment of the album. For this song, they called to collaborate who was Michael's best friend at the time, previous Beatle Paul McCartney. Both were cartoon fanatics and says they have written together watching television. In his biography Moonwalk (1988), Michael Jackson says he wanted to return the good to Paul, who had already collaborated with him in "Fianc2ee" (of Outside The Wall, 1979) and thus share authorship for this new theme for Thriller.

The day of the recording was in the study Quincy Jones, Jackson, McCartney and George Martin, the Beatles producer. Too many stars for a single sky. This song was the first cut of the disc and the tank that announced what's coming. The letter talked about the fight of two friends of the same girl, an interracial process that helped break prejudices. The fight will come in serious years later.

In 1981, shortly after finishing the recording Thriller, John Lennon died. This affected Paul McCartney as much as he decided to make the formal claim for the rights of the Beatles songs, which were later owned by the ATV Music company. The owner of the ATV told him that if he wanted them, then he had to buy the whole company. And Paul had not had so much money.

In 1983, Michael visited Paul at his farm in Sussex, UK. There he comforted him for the loss of his songs, unfortunately that his friend had not enough funds to recover them. Once back in the United States, Jackson continued a campaign and finally acquired the rights of the Beatles, for almost 50 million dollars to the company that bought them from ATV. The fury of the British and the American ambition has distant them forever, but "The Girl is Mine" will always be a beautiful song.

No man who was a child in the eighties was removed from trying the moon. The "moon step", the unquestionable seal of Michael Jackson, has existed, but he is the one who gives it a soul and makes it famous worldwide. He was known on the streets, the moon was made by African Americans, and it was Michael, who without a large street but with ample decoration showed him to the whole planet.

"Billie Jean" is the theme that takes the chicken, it's the best moon and Michael chose to release it in 1983 during a wedding dress in tribute to Motown. That day the record celebrated his artists, among whom were the Five Five. Michael wanted to take away from these childhood choreographies and revealed with these strange and attractive movements that had a lot of rupture.

We must also admit that the moon comes from the backslide, a style of the 50's, who played dance groups for the time. Long before the surgeries, the scandals, even before admitting an unhappy child, the artist knew how to combine styles and influences in Thrillerthat although it was not his first record alone, it was the proof that in his career and in the history of music would not be back. In 1982, at the age of 24, Michael Jackson killed the child's wonder and gave life to the King of Pop.

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