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Cabito dye 115 kilograms after a hosting pass and now it has to recover weight: "With the separation and exit of & # 39; Sufficiently of everything, I have entered a kind of anorexic depression"

"I was exploded because if I did not die, I did not like it, I was very shaken, my nose was broken and they waited for me at the operating room, but I went through another door."

Eduardo Massa Alcántara, better known as Cabito, a gastric crossing was performed in March 2017 according to the doctor's suggestion and because he knew that if he was still gaining weight, his life was at risk. The humurizer weighed 194 kilos When he met his doctor and, according to his story, reached 100 kilograms "it was a dream". But his doctor, analyzing that Cabito measures 1.84 metersHe told her that her ideal weight should be 85.

For almost two years – 20 months more precisely – from that operation, for which he was preparing for 40 days, in which he only made a liquid diet, is under his ideal weight and needs to get weight.

"Already in itself as less, because I have the stomach of a boy of three years, and with what happened to me, the separation and exit of the program, I closed more. I do not want to put it in the terms of depressive anorexia, but it's a kind of anorexia"explains the comedian Teleshow.

"Now I'm weighing 79, but I have 6 kilograms of skin that is not thick, so I have to weigh 73 kilograms, my ideal weight is 85, and I'm 79, five or six kilograms below., details and adds that he has a group of doctors and nutritionists who "follow him close" to increase.

Unlike what he did "his whole life", which has tested innumerable diets, the humurist is now trying to get weight and recover the weight he lost. "I also trained five times a week, and that also banned me", says he has stopped eating dietary foods: "If I can not eat, like whole yogurt with cereals. Something easy and that forces me to eat"

"Everything is apprenticed, I used to eat six empanadas, after the operation, one and a half, but now I do not finish one, and I do not eat meat because it's too heavy," he says about the changes in his routine. food

As regards the skin, the humorist says that it is only aesthetic and that he fears surgery, so he does not want to go through the operating room. "To be a size 32 of pants, it is already a millennium. L (great) in t-shirts ", he tells and sorry – in some way – he paid the money" in the change of waist to the waist "by buying zones, pants and more clothes he had to buy.

What have you done with what is now great? "I donated it," he says and adds: "Here are not so nice clothes for fat people, maybe I had the chance to travel and buy things more cancers".

Your exit Enough of everything

However, he explains that he has offers from the station to continue on another program, but he has not yet done any changes. "Honestly, I thought it was not important to anyone, but after Matias's publishing on Monday, I had to discard the cell phone," he says.

"While I'm in the media, I feel that I am Four drinks"adds who wants to go back to television.

Message of consciousness

"If they do me for every note, a fat man is being operated, we have saved life," says Cabito. "Obesity is a disease and many think that the obese is because he wants, it helps a lot, and I have received it from which my partner was at that time, and my family, no other," he explains.
"Later, there are coconuts in the time who want to hang out that they have done things they really did not do, but it's everywhere, and not in me, I know the truth, then, there are many people who want to hang my weight change … "Risks to the one who reveals that part of the fact that it can stay after the operation does not drink alcohol:" I almost drank before, and now I'm very few ".

While it defines its future career, the comedian already has projects outside the field, due to the economic crisis experienced in the country and in the media. He studied a kitchen and is now advised gastronomically in a brewery, a hamburger restaurant in Lanús and works in the restaurant menu that will open the Costanera.

Your companion and friend are the famous cook Roberto Pini. "We are cooking together and set up the menu so that after another weaver lay it in the place, I can cook something possibly.

"There's a huge crisis in the media, I've seen some time now, that's why I cooked and studied other things," he analyzes, who recognizes he has lost work due to his obesity: "No one will take a job because I talked about it, but the idiots did it when I was young, big, on television …".

Years have passed, generations and mass media have changed a profile. "Today, there are more brave drivers and there is more room," says Cabito, who knew to realize time and encourage himself from where he did not believe he had to be operated.

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