Saturday , September 25 2021

De Rossi's new issue for the Liberators

Daniele De Rossi, the most impressive reinforcement of the market of past passes of Argentine soccer, will have a new number in Mouth. It will only be for Glass Liberators, while for the Premier League it will preserve the historic 16, the number that has accompanied him since the 2005 season, both in Rome and in the Italian national team, and with which he debuted last Tuesday against Almagro for the Argentine Cup.

The choice of his title number is due to a tribute to his football idol, the Irishman Roy Keane, a symbol of Manchester United, where he played between 1993 and 2005.

The Italian will have the 7 in the Cup, the shirt that was up to a few weeks old Cristian Pavón, which happened to the US Los Angeles MLS Galaxy. He entered the continental competition for Kichan and the 16 already had an owner, the youth Adrián Guillermo Sánchez, who is 20 years old and plays as Central camper in the Reserve.

Also Franco Soldano, the other change in the list of good faith for the League of Quito series, for the quarterfinals, will guide the 9 of Dario Benedetto, which was delivered to Olympique de Marseille from France.

De Rossi's new issue for the Liberators

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