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Diego Maradona can be a champion in Mexico: a time and a video game TV

When he disembarked to lead to a city known as drug cradle in Mexico, critics and skeptics adhered to these arguments to doubt the success of Diego Maradona's adventure. But the Argentine coach kept them silent and, after three months of administration, There are 90 minutes away to get a title with the Sinaloa Dorados of the second division.

Overcoming physical problems in his knees and questions about whether he could get his new team from the last locations on the board, Maradona could qualify Dorados to the group. There they eliminated one of the main favorites, and now they have a 1-0 lead over the San Luis Atlético in the end of the League of Ascent, which is solved Sunday of 23.30 with ESPN broadcasting.

"With the children we spoke and said that we can lose, overcome or pull, but the only thing we can not lose is the dignity to know what was done to achieve all this, because it is not at night, "said Maradona before the key encounter.

Diego stated that he had not arrived at Sinaloa for vacations and he kept his word. Along with his assistant Luis Islas and the Mexican Mario Garci'a, they worked to take a season that seemed lost. Dorado only suffered one defeat in the rest of the regular season to go ahead to the league, an example in which they left Miners of Zacatecas and Bravos of Ciudad Juárez, clubs with better pre-qualification.

Maradona and LKuis Islands, a successful duo.
Maradona and LKuis Islands, a successful duo.

The 57-year-old coach reached the sporting achievements by defeating the genuine problems of osteoarthritis that forced him to walk with difficulty and that during the tournament it caused him to be absent from some practices.

The work he did in Dorado can be one of the best, since he made his debut as coach at Mandiyú de Corrientes and with stops that include Racing Club and the Albiceleste team he made to the quarterfinals at the World Cup Glass 2010 in South Africa.

Maradona rejected

The Mx League ratified Diego Maradona's suspension for Sunday's team, Dorado de Sinaloa, against Atlético San Luis at the end of Mexican Soccer Ascent. In a statement, the Liga remembered that last Thursday Maradona was expelled and must complete a game of punishment.

The Argentine technician has affirmed in the last minutes of the first stage of the Final Ascent that does not exist, insulted the referee and the trainer of San Luis, Alfonso Sosa. Pakita, Diego entered the yard and then got a red card.

Although he expects to be in the gallery, Maradona's absence in the bank will be a blow for the Dorados They won the first leg of the end in their stadium and were forced not to lose this Sunday to win the title.

Los Dorados defeated San Luis 1-0 last Thursday with a goal by Edson Rivera in the 75th minute and this Sunday they only need a luck to win the title.

The winner of the tournament will have a great chance to fight for the promotion to the First Division next May, when he has to play a game against the Champion of the Match match.

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