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Father photographed his daughter in the hammock without knowing that he had taken a symptom from his leukemia

Thursday, December 06, 2018 14:41

Little Izzy was in the hammock, when suddenly she fell asleep. Her father saw her and took a picture from that soft moment without knowing that it was a sign that the baby was not successful. A few weeks later, doctors detected leukemia.

"It was just more afternoon in the park, I was hammering, I turned and slept, I did not give much importance, I thought it was a nice time and I took a picture," said Dave Fletcher, the father of the baby. This time I was two years old – to foreign media. "Then I realized that I took a sign of something more sinister, I was tired, I had some colds and noises on her legs, but we supposed that everything was part of childhood," he remembered.

After the diagnosis, the small English girl transferred 570 doses of chemotherapy and is now in maintenance to prevent cancer from returning. Due to this, Dave decided to tell his story and to warn other parents to be attentive. In their case, they took the doctor to Izzy when they found a strange foolish her leg. They made blood tests and told them to return in a few days to see the results, unless the eruption got worse, what happened.

"You feel very sensual when you look at her photos before she gets ill, you realize everything she has passed through, she has grown very little, and she has given her medicine that she did not like it, but she did it easily," she said. told the father.

"The diagnosis has responded to us but we were lucky that it was detected soon. The type of leukemia that she suffers has better recovery success than others and she is very small who also helps," he reflected.

Izzy, during the chemotherapy sessions. In May the treatment will end.



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