Monday , August 2 2021

Feminine: Delia suffered any violence from her ex

In the audience that took place yesterday, Titanti set out many elements that point to the main and only suspect the crime: Gendarme Diego Tolaba, with whom the victim resided at home on the Street Soldier Unknown. Tolaba was accused of murder doubled by the league and by feminist, an offense that provides a penalty of life chain.

The autopsy showed that Delia was actually beaten – especially on her face – and that she died of mechanical asphyxia, possibly carried out by a belt, in a period of 12 to 16 hours before being found.

At present, seven of the ten witnesses reported that Delia had suffered from her former psychological, economic and physical violence, and that "not only she was afraid to do something to her, but especially to her children."

Titanti maintained that the medical examination of the man showed he had "minor injuries to the thorax and a rapidly left shoulder", compatible with the defense of the woman.

One of the testimonies that Judge María Gagliano thought to support the accusation and the precautionary measure was that of one of the daughters of the marriage. "He said his parents left together at 9:21 PM, and they were going to look for a rent immediately. He was surprised that his father had gone back and alone, because his mother did not drive the vehicle," explained the prosecutor.

"In this short time we investigated, the witnesses realized a violent relationship," said the prosecutor, and emphasized the work along with Police and Personal Security to go on a short time.

As LM Neuquén said yesterday, telephone antennae were key because they put both in the place of the fact. "This sector also includes the address, but his daughter said he had returned around 23:30," argued the prosecutor, adding that in this regard the competence of the city's rooms would be very important.


The judge did not allow the presence of mass media

In any way and without explanations, the judge of guarantees María Gagliano forced the media to withdraw from the court, while the Criminal Procedure provides that they are public actions, except in cases where there are minor or sexual abuse.

The decision of the judge was reported by Attorney Eugenia Titanti, who trusted that Gagliano understood that it was not advisable because it was the victim's family. This is not a valid justification to prevent the publicity of the hearings.

The most striking thing was that the judge did not want to confront the media to find his decision and even left the room when he allowed only photographers to get some pictures before the hearing was fulfilled.

The precedent of Gagliano violates the spirit of the Code and this is the first time that the media can not cover hearing for feminine.


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