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He discovered that his daughter had a cancer with a soft photo in the place

The parents discovered that their three-year-old daughter had cancer after she had taken an emotional image of the sleeping baby in the hammock.

Dave Fletcher, 39, she thought she had taken soft moments of childhood when she photographed her daughter Izzy asleep at Claines, Worcester, when she was 23 years old.

But just a few weeks later, Dave and his wife Vicky, 37, was devastated to discover that the tiredness of her young daughter turned out to be a sign that she had leukemia.

Since then, the girl has suffered 570 doses of tired chemotherapy and is now receiving maintenance to prevent cancer from returning.

Dave, now he warns other parents to be attentive and look at the signs of the disease.

"It was only one afternoon in the room. She was distant, I turned and she fell. I slept and fell asleep, but I did not think much about it. I thought it was a nice time, and I just took a picture from him."

Then they realized that everything was part of the symptoms and that what she had taken was that she showed signs of something more sinister.

"She was tired, she had some colds or viruses, and a bit of shearing on her legs. But we attribute all this to the normal blows of childhood and lower illnesses. You were slightly sentimental, watching photos of her before she was ill, You just realize what happened, because she was so young. "

The couple took Izzy to a family doctor for the first time in January last year after a strange rash appearance on her leg.

It was recommended to return a few days later to the blood tests, if the strangers did not disappear and took it directly to the hospital, if it became worse.

However, the next morning, the foolish Izzy spread and then the temperature rose, so her parents took her to the Worcester Royal Hospital.

There he was diagnosed with leukemia on the same day and began chemotherapy treatment the following week.

Izzy spent his second birthday at the Birmingham Children's Hospital, waiting for a procedure to take specimens from his bony marrow.

Dave Fletcher She added: "She has grown very quickly and has been put under medications she does not like, but that's so fast enough. When it was diagnosed, we were in shock. A family member died of leukemia five years ago, so it was a scary time . We did not know what will happen in that stage or what the future will be. "

But the kind of leukemia Izzy has, is more likely to recover than others. And his youth helps these probabilities.

"We have been lucky that Izzy was diagnosed quickly and happily, she has been dealing with the treatment very well, has suffered very few failures or unplanned hospitals, which makes us more optimistic. She does not have to have so many steroids because of her attempts. treatment plan used in other countries and we are grateful that we have received the opportunity. "

And parents are grateful for the attention received: "It shows how important research is in the new pioneering treatments. The NHS's doctors and nurses have been brilliant and we have a lot of support from family and friends."

The brave Izzy now received the Cancer Research UK Star & Kids Kids & Teens Award in recognition of what happened.
The girl's mom said: "Izzy was so excited to receive her prize. It was a good positive experience that rewarded her to continue to fight with her treatment. & # 39;

Cancer Reduced UK Kids & Teens spokesman in Worcestershire said: "Cancer can have a devastating effect on their lives and many who survive can live with important long-term effects on their treatment. Our mission is to fund research to find new, better and more pleasant treatments for young patients with cancer. We want to go ahead the day when every child and young person survives cancer and does that with a good quality of life. "

Baby was diagnosed with cancer after watching her photos of her vacations

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