Wednesday , June 16 2021

He threw it away! Janina Latorea claimed that Pada Hope and Sol Perez would be lovers

After his controversial denial of "dancing," Sir Perez decided to give another chance to compete and returned with the points. That was clear on Tuesday, after the rehearsal, made a strong disclaimer against anyone who thinks freely about it. "They're talking about throwing out the wrong information." At some point they said:Fada Hope Have you been to the cave? Why should I spend it from my house? "Has confirmed the The former girl of the weather.

YesHowever, without any intention of keeping silent, Janina Toor She objected to media statements and took control of the situation, saying that for her producer and Perez were "lovers."

"I was the one who said it", Said a panel during the program De Brito. And he explained: "In addition to giving information, I think and that's something I think, how you banque in Bailando, you hit him poor guy (Hoffa) because I saw you how you shout, the only way that holds you is because he visited your little cave in summer … Besito Sol Pérez ".

Is this true or just an elaborate theory?

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