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"I take drops of cannabis, they make me very well"

Sunday, December 2, 2018 07:16 | Invited to the Mirtha Legrand table, the actress María Valenzuela spoke of her fight against her health problems: "I'm a little bit of therapy".

For a long time she was sunk into a deep depression that cost her. However, the present María Valenzuela Today it is much more tireless than during this period of darkness. Although, of course, you still have some questions to solve.

This herself explained the actress during her visit to the Mirtha Legrand, who was happy to see her recovered and bring her back among her guests. "How nice to see you so well, Maria, so renewed, how did you come to weigh?" the diva consulted him.

She revealed that she weighed less than ten kilograms, a product of the depression that suffered: "It came from a row and the death of a friend, who was as my brother added." He was with a business that had to do with a hotel that he would do, near Luján, Villa Ruíz, and there was a time that was not. I could continue for Gaspar's death, and I threw myself into bed, an intimate friend called my children, they presented and went to see a psychiatrist, when I had to see it again, I caught a panic attack, I could leave "

"I am a single medicine and cannabis falls", he revealed, while he said he was still having panic attacks.

On medicinal cannabis, he explained: "They are very good for depression and for food, they are three drops in the morning and three drops in the night. Do you know that people of 60, 70 years old, are taking cannabishes for the bones and muscles? It is proven, that he is doing very well. "

"Is it easy to reach? I think it's pretty expensive," He wanted to know the diving. The actress responded: "Yes, I think it's coming from Chile, which I have bought from Chile."

"The panic attacks simply want me to enter my house, what is my refuge and I know that I am safe, it's not a bad thing about me, and I know I'm uncertain on the street, so the first thing is to go home " revealed. In addition, he recognized that he usually shouted at those times: "There is an anguish that ends in a panic attack."

"And how do you solve it?", asked him The Chiqui. "And, expecting it to happen", calculated, a little resigned. "I'm running a little bit of therapy" finished.

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