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Lagarde's message to Macri after the G20

The head of the IMF congratulated the Argentine president, who is looking to take more debt.

December 02, 2018

The IMF chief, Christine Lagarde, congratulated President Mauricio Macri for his "very effective leadership at the G20 meeting", held between Friday and Saturday in Buenos Aires.

"Congratulations to President Macri for his highly effective leadership in the G20 meeting," praised Lagarde

Sending a message to the G20 leaders: "Work together and decide to ensure inclusive growth."

The head of the IMF received Macri on Saturday afternoon. The chairman, Marcos Peña, also participated in the meeting.

"I congratulate the authorities for their decision to carry out their economic reform plan that will defend the way for a more inclusive and sustainable growth to benefit all the Argentineans," said Lagarde.

The owner of the Fund has ensured that this agency "will continue to support the authorities with its efforts", in a signal that is accepted by the markets.

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