Monday , August 2 2021

Macri and his weeping at the Pillar: "It has broken me to see the pride of the artists" Chronicle

Mauricio Macri he explained that His weeping in the Pillar Theater, finished the galactic function for the G20 leaders, it had "To the pride of the artists" and described how shocked the leaders were with the show.

"In the theater, what happened to us was that we were proud of what we did and it broke me to see the pride of the artists who spontaneously shouted Argentina! Argentina!", confessed Macri.

"I've been overwhelmed because I saw how Angela (Merkel) next to me, (Japan Prime Minister) Shinzo Abe on the other hand, and I saw everyone's face because you see in the theater, there is enough light" added the president.

At a press conference in Costa Salguero, Macri insisted on that "Everyone was so amazed at what was shown" who could not help but move to tears. "Not only the wonderful images of the places, but the cultural diversity that was", he showed.

And closed: "It's ours and that's what has mobilized us all, as with the Youth Games, where we surprise the world, we also did it this day".

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