Thursday , April 22 2021

María Valenzuela confessed to Mirtha Legrand that she consumes "cannabis drops"

María Valenzuela reappeared in the Mirtha Legrand program and she saw it well. Now he has long hair and a smile that shows the good personal and work present he passes through. Although not everything is sparse in his life, it's a lot better than a few months ago, when they had to put her in a psychiatric clinic.

The actress said they sometimes gave panic attacks, but she was refusing to take refuge in her house. "My house is my refuge, I know that I am safe there, on the street, I'm very weeping, it's a tribulation that ends up in a panic attack, I solve it, waiting for it to happen, I will have to make therapy, but I'll run away, "he said.

The former Dulce Amo said her friend's death worsened her in a state of sadness and pain: "I did not eat, because I had a very strong depression, came from the stroke and death of a friend that was like my brother, I also It was with a business that had to do with a hotel and there was a moment that could not follow, an intimate friend told my children and went to the psychiatrist. "

Later his unexpected confession came. He said he only took one medication and consumed "guns". The driver, with a surprising face, shot: "Can you take a cannabis?" Oh, are you good? "

Valenzuela did not hesitate to answer: "There are three drops in the morning and three at night, people in their 60s or 70s take a canabon through their bones and muscles, it is proven to be a very good one I'm buying from Chile."

"How remarkable", the diva finished with full acceptance.

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