Saturday , June 19 2021

Mauricio Macri and María Eugenia Vidal: lunch and the idea of ​​deploying the choices

On Wednesday they met in Suipacha during a tour of the freeway 5, but yesterday at noon, in a private meeting in Olives, they spoke for the first time about the possibility of anticipating Buenos Aires's national calendar, a strategy that promotes the wing. Buenosairean politician and who are watching with distrust for the national executive.

In the morning, the president and the governor visited the National Entertainment, located in the Buenos Aires de Ezeiza, as part of the My First Holidays program, aimed at children and adolescents in the suburbs.

Then both went to the Residencia de Olivos for lunch and talking about business affairs and management. The proposal came from the president himself who could not exchange views with the provincial governor and former vice president of the government of Buenos Aires.

The news was that Vidal "left" because he could know this newspaper, the idea of ​​deploying Buenos Aires's options to improve Macri's re-election possibilities in October's generals.

In La Plata, it is considered that a victory in the provincial elections will strengthen the presidential candidacy, not affected by the economic crisis and the consequent social damage in the August POST and the general elections in October and, at the same time, reduce the peronist party that does not have a strong candidate in the Province. Even the swords have the controller that this measure would "hurt" the possible presidential appointment of Cristina Kirchner.


Macri and Vidal visited the National Entertainment Center in Ezeiza

However, national and provincial sources have explained that this electoral strategy has been discussed but not deeper than "there are no definitions currently" and that both leaders will decide after the beginning of March. In the Province, it is considered to be the limit of time that in advance of a favorable decision, measures must be taken to promote it (one possibility to cancel the provincial PASSES, in cases).

Since the factories in Buenos Aires began to raise the strategy, in late November, it was learned that neither Marcos Peña nor the consultant Jaime Duran Barba share it because they consider it weakening the presidential figure.

In fact, a well-known source of the national government has consulted in detail the configuration of the yesterday's meeting in Olives: "They talked about the administration in the province, the workings in the march and those planned, in infrastructure as the main axis. ) they played but it was not the main theme. "

Last week, Macri's close partner entrusted this newspaper with the fact that beyond the diocese "it will not be deployed and Macri and Vidal will continue the same poll" on October 27 later.

Near the president of Buenos Aires, they repeat that the idea "does not cut themselves" that they do not want to demand an idea, but to help Cambiemos win the presidential election. "We are soldiers of Mauritius, we are not worried: we know that Maria Eugenia wins in any scene, now or in October. Therefore we are in the service of the president," a source near the governor of Buenos Aires ended last night.

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