Tuesday , January 19 2021

Mica Viciconte spoke of Sol Pérez's complaint about the Battle and eliminated Christian U.

Mica Viciconte, as Sol Pérez, was a participant in the reality show The Nine, "Fight"A few days later, Pérez revealed that she had suffered a terrible situation of harassment in the program when some people asked her to" give them kisses not to be nominated ".

Now, the Firearms panelist has talked about the issue and has ridiculed Christian U.

In the "Previous of the showViciconte stated that the Combat was also a "complicated person". "I have shared many things with him as rivals. It does not have the same codes," he added.

In the same way, although she noticed she had been undergoing harassment situations, but "had encounter and discussions", she said: "I am on the side of Sol Pérez because I know Christian U. I do not have the best memories." And when she asked her opinion about the time she had taken for the ex-climatic girl to talk about this awful situation, Mica said "everyone has their time to expose".

In addition, he revealed: "He had his conflicts with production. That they did not go to camera did not mean they did not exist. He had many and for something, he did not last in battle."

Finally, he explained: "I have nothing against Cristian U, I shared and I had my crossings, but in this situation I support women."

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