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Nahir Galarza's "enemy" speaks in prison and the reaction of the young woman sentenced to life imprisonment: "We just need to call an exorcist"

At the female prison in Parana, a woman responds to Infobae's call and says in earnest:

-Agentine Priest Service.

"Hi, I wanted to talk to Nahir Galarza."

The short woman. In the second call, the same voice says:

– Can you happen to me with Nahir?

"Hey, excuse me, I didn't hear it." I was joking with a friend. Nahir can't speak because we act on schedule. This is a border for detainees. Are you the first Infobaeright? We know everything it says about Nahir and me.

-He wrote that she was being harassed by a partner. And he calls me. And I didn't see any abuse. There's more the girl she was accused of was massaged, caressed her ear and Nahir said nothing. Another thing: Do you know that she threatened us with death? He told us we would not go to sleep peacefully. We didn't wake up. But you put what she tells you.

-Tell me your version. Your name?

-It doesn't matter. I am a police officer and I am unjustly detained. And I understand Nahir's father who is of the force, and that's why we always take care of her. Until he dropped us. I don't know why No one harassed or harassed her. But let's leave it there. She says we hang on to her fame. And it is not so.

On March 14, Nahir reported a partner for abuse. "One of the girls told me I was bathing, a partner climbed on a chair to spy on me and see me naked, because the bathroom had no roof. And sometimes he looked at me through a landscape. Once he hit me. "He also said that underwear was gone.

The round of testimonies included the statement of other Nahir companions: not everyone supports her complaint.

The defendant is Thousand Grove, who until last year was one of Nahir's best friends in prison. In fact when Infobae He visited Nahir to interview her exclusively, they used to talk and deal with bills. But the relationship has changed. For a time, a restriction on approaching Nahir came heavily on Grove. Then they changed it.

Soto was a police officer and is charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty through functional abuse, abuse of service and unlawful restraint. It is suspected that along with eight other police officers illegally detained nine youths in 2012 and practiced mock firing on a field, in front of a plate.

But Nahir this week was in the lead on another matter. When on Wednesday the 14th his mother Yamina told him that the Concordia Criminal Chamber had life imprisonment upheld against him, for killing two shots Ferdinando Pastorizzo on December 29, 2017 in Guaeguaychú, Nahir was injured, but was not surprised by the news.

"I am convicted before the trial begins"he said. Her mother hugged her and begged her not to lose hope.

Judges Silvina Gallo, Darío Perraud and Adolfo Lafourcade rejected the appeal filed by Nahir's defense lawyer, José Ostolaza, asking that the crime be considered as "wrong death", who has a maximum sentence of five years in prison, and who did not consider what she stated in the lawsuit: that he suffered sexual violence and that it was an accident, not a murder.

The struggle with his companions

Alleged by Nahir, Soto counter-attacked: he sent a letter to the prison authorities. "It's a lie. I didn't abuse her. He says it to shut me up because I know that she had a plan with her father to escape because she does not think she will be here for 35 years and she also said that if she continues to bother him, he will hang up a towel Griselda Bordeira, one of my classmates. "

Soto said four months ago that they turned to sleep for fear of being killed by Nahir. And what the young woman "studied various ways of killing" and appeared "at night, like a ghost, at the foot of the bed."

Attorney Paul Zoff has made statements and is conflicting evidence. Some say Nahir is lying. And others who tell the truth: that the defendant touched her tail.

According to Nahir, he defended himself against Soto by warning. "I told her not to get confused, to not stop doing it, not to be confused because we are friends, I like boys too and she has a girlfriend."

"Nahir is lying," said former police officer Griselda Bordeira, who was jailed for drug trafficking and released. "He says this because he always hated me and even talked about me badly with journalists just for the press and fame," Nahir said.

"He threw himself several times, bent over and offered to have something, and Nahir explained that he liked boys. He lived a very ugly moment."he told Infobae A young woman's close friend.

Soto also said that in the evening, Nahir wandered strangely. "He stands in the dark and stares at us. Sometimes he climbs on furniture and doesn't stop looking at us."

"Everything is false. Now it turns out I'm a damn ghost? They need to call the exorcist. But they advised me not to follow the provocative game, because while I study, read or write, they do nothing and annoy me, "Nahir said.

The origin of the hostility with Bordeira arose in November 2018, when Nahir had a dispute with his partner. When it happened, Nahir was listening to music in his headphones when he heard that Bordeira was criticizing her. They quarreled and the relationship became strained. Bordeira started phoning the media to say that Nahir had threatened her. The young woman has always denied him and accused his partner of being a liar and seeking fame.

"I'm tired of so much crypto", Nahir complains. It also bothers him that he is asked if he has a boyfriend. "I'm not an actress or model," he says. He explains that he just wants to think about the poems he writes (some are based on his dreams or nightmares), on the books he reads (from Hopscotch from Julio Cortázar to The man and his symbols by Carl Jung) and in the topics that need to be redone in Psychology. But the relationship with two of her peers and sentencing does not seem to have given her the peace that she had despite imprisonment.

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