Saturday , June 19 2021

NASA reveals the best image of the twin spin-runners Ultima Thule – BGR

The 2019 of the NASA started off when the most remote object of humanity ever visited, a strange space rock known as Ultima Thule. Scientists quickly discovered that Finally Thule is not one object, but two, making it the first contact binary ever studied in such detail.

Now, because NASA continues to gather more data on the flight, the New Horizon team has revealed Ultima Thule's most detailed overview, and it's a real stunner.

In the new image that was captured during New Horizons flown by New Horizons, the spaceship Multicolor Visible Imaging Camera provides a more detailed look on the surface of the binoculars that ever before. We can see craters and edges, as well as a more defined contact point between the two objects.

"This new image begins to reveal differences in the geological character of the two lobes of Ultima Thule, and it also presents us with new mysteries," said Investigator Alan Stern in statement. "During the coming month there will be better colors and better resolution images that we hope will help to unravel the many mysteries of Final Thule."

If you ask why it has taken so long to have a clear image of the object, it's all about distance and the spaceship itself. New horizons gathered an incredible amount of information, as it did its Ultima Thule's goal, and it can not restart it. The probation will actually spend many months by transmitting data unloading until all comments are received back on Earth.

At the current distance of the spacecraft of more than four billion miles of Earth, it takes six hours for the radio signals to travel from New Horizons to our planet, and collecting all the data lasts for a long time.

Image Source: NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI

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