Tuesday , January 19 2021

Netflix improves its application on iPhone devices

UNITED STATES.- The majority of people who watch Netflix's productions, do it from their smartphone, so simplify their visualization, the platform added new updates.

Nowadays these improvements are only applicable to Apple's iPhone, so Apple users can enjoy them before all others.

The new controls will help to have better use in the content, that is, now it will be much easier to pause, stop, advance and even stop the series and films that are watching, said the Unocero news media on its website.

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New buttons, more control

Before starting to talk about the new buttons that will be added to Netflix for iPhone, you should know that they are not new tools, because you start from what you already have.

This means that there is nothing new, just something improved, which will make the fanatical productions of the flow platforms much more than they look at in their mobile phone.

Go ahead or turn off

These buttons come so that people can check what they see, either because they want to see a scene again or because they want go ahead to the next stage To use them, it will be enough to choose it twice and it will go ahead or return 10 seconds.

Next episode

With this function, the users will stop waiting until Netflix gives them the option to go to the next episode, for now you can access it quickly without having to leave the game.

Play / Pause

As mentioned above, these buttons already existed, only now they will be larger than before and will be placed in the center of the screen to make them easier to locate.

In the same way Episodes and Audio options and subtitles, they will go to the bottom of the screen so that the changes are given quickly and in particular.

If you want to get these enhanced options, you just need to update the Netflix application on the iPhone or iPad.

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