Saturday , June 19 2021

New cover in commissioner's wife's crime?

At first, he is accused of "murdering in the event of theft", but since the fatal shot was taken by the victim's weapon, the cause could be recaptured.

As indicated, this issue recovers from the two bullets he received in the left arm and in the hip that he received when he fought with commissioner Rodolfo Ramírez Fernández, who tried to prevent him from fighting his wife, who was finally shocked by a shot in the head that killed him on the spot.

While the expert reports have not yet finished determining whether the bullet was killed Débora Andrea Banegas (37) was shot with her husband's weapon or the attacker, insisted that the only accused was the young man who was hospitalized at the De La Vega hospital in Moreno, because the murder took place in combat during the robbery.


Brown: A policeman fought with a thief and a bullet killed his wife

We must remember that the event took place around the 14th of Thursday in the corner of Ricardo Gutiérrez and Father Arellano de Moreno, where the police chief arrived on his Ford guard, along with his wife and two children. According to reports, the commissioner serving in the Peace Community of Marcos Paco, but was dressed in clothes and dressed in a civilian dress, went out to walk with his family and visited a cousin.

When arriving at the house of this relative, Ramírez Fernández left her truck and went to knock the door, while his wife and the children remained on the vehicle. At that time, an armed individual, who went alone and footsteps, entered the Ford Ranger for rabbit, which was noticed by the commissioner, who drew near and extracted a weapon whereby he intended to eliminate his position.

However, the attacker tried to start the truck, but failed, so he started out and blinked to fight with the commissioner and in that battle, apparently shot the 9 mm pistol he used. One of the shots hit Banegas's head, who died almost in the act, while the young man was injured by two shots and was arrested.

In the place, the Scientific Police experts kidnapped the commissioner's 9 mm gungun, which is not the regulation provided by the force, but separate; and the runner of the assault, in whose drum they found two pods.

Everything indicates that the shots that hit Banegas and the criminal since the commissioner's gun, the balloon experts will analyze the revolver to determine if at any point of the attack this weapon was also activated.

The criminal case was prosecuted by prosecutor María Gabriela Urrutia, from the Instructor Unit Unit Instructor No. 8 Decentralized by Moreno.

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