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Oil companies announced low fuel

December 2, 2018 – 01:02
Premium naphthaos would fall by an average of 4% and the Super-drop of only 2 percent in December.

The oil companies, with the leader's YPF, are preparing to announce the next week's reduction in pipelines, which in some cases would reach 4% after a fall in international crude oil, which was a few weeks yesterday.

The Energy Secretary Javier Iguacel discussed the issue with the oil companies, so the stationarians said yesterday that for some time the bombs will reflect a fall, which will represent a minimal response for users who have suffered very strong growth. 70% throughout the year.

The argument that the Government has given is not only the fall of the Brent barrel, which is taken as a reference in Argentina, but also the exchange rate, beyond the reappearance of the dollar.

On the other hand, the oil companies have remembered that this month will be larger than the weight of two taxes on fuel, which is applied to carbon dioxide emissions and the classic ITC.

As of December, both taxes would add a weight of almost 25% on the value at the pump.

Therefore it is estimated that in some fuels, such as Super naphtha, the low during December would be only 2%.

On the other hand, premium napkins would fall by 4%, according to the calculations that the oil companies finished by observing the costs in their refineries.

According to official data, shipwreck and diesel expeditions fell by 2.8% on October 8 compared with the same month of 2017.

But the use of Premium naphtha fell sharply, at 28.8%, due to the continued increases in prices at the bombs, and this would be a reason for the price to reduce higher fuel consumption. In one year it was selling 253 thousand cubes up to only 180 thousand.

In the case of higher quality Diesel, Grade 3, sales decrease was 6.6% in the past 12 months.

November began with 5% increases in Shell and Axion, but they had to cut the increase in half the week because YPF, which holds the 56% market average, only ranged 2.5%.

CNG rose in Buenos Aires

The price of the Committed Natural Gas (CNG) increased from yesterday to an average of $ 16 per Cuban meter in the city of Buenos Aires and the suburbs of Buenos Aires.
Thus, the price of CNG in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires goes from $ 14 to $ 16 per cubic meter, while in the rest of the country the values ​​are higher.
It was confirmed by the vice president of the CNC's room of expellers, Pedro González.
González explained that the growth is 14% in the areas of Gas Natural BAN and Metrogas, and that the new values ​​will remain until April 30.
"This is good because it gives a preview frame in an inflationary context," said González about the maintenance of prices until next April, when the current contract ends. On the reasons for the increase in the price of CNG, the merchant explained that these contracts, which expire in April, are the only ones in the country that are in weights and that from the devaluation "we remain with old prices".

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