Monday , June 21 2021

Pau Donés moves away from everything

With an emotional video directed to his followers, Pau Dona dismissed the fans of Jarabe de Palo, to continue with the stage of treatment of colony cancer that suffered him for years.

Far from the scenes, his audience left messages of social networking.

But surprisingly the accounts about Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have disappeared.

In front of this news the followers already think the worst and nothing knows about the singer's health: "On January 1, I stopped. And I'm leaving. Far I've been best for 20 years and I need to change. I deserve it," he declared to the newspaper El country.

The singer of the popular song "La flaca" released a video clip: "It's goodbye, but later to see you … I do not know when, how or how, but we'll come back. So we hope you are there when we come back and can resume contact, as always, through the songs of Jarabe. Be happy, because life is urgent. Life is one and now, and you have to live it to the fullest, with intensity, "he said in the last public appearance.

"Pau Dies' disappearance was a whole. There is no trace of him in his social networks, very active before his farewell, where he used to hang photos, videos and jokes with his followers, " It has been published in the last hours the Spanish newspaper The Country before the surprise that has generated that all social networks are blocked.

At present, the only platform on which it can be found your "footprint" is on YouTube, where the singer's official channel has more than half a million subscribers.

At 52, the musician anticipated his retirement to dedicate exclusively to his daughter. "It's not about cancer. The first concert of the tour last year I did it with the infusing pump and it did not matter. Cancer has stopped me, especially because of the consequence of operations, but this decision has been taken for some time."

Now we just have to wait for the news about their health.

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