Wednesday , January 27 2021

Pray for the Monaco Photos of Hawaii, which conserve stuck up their noses

You could think of a life Hawaii coin seal would be quite easy. Curling on a beach, swimming in a little crystal, eating a little fish – beautiful idyll, right?

WRONG. If you were a monk of a Hawaiian monk, you should have an opposition with this: to get a damaged god EEL beat at your DAMN NOSE DOMIN.

Look at this label. Have you ever seen a face that said "To guess that my life is now lol"More than the stupid face of this stupid label? Sincerely, in spite of not being a seal and not having an echo at the moment lodged my schnozz, I can really be empathically.

The pizza comes courtesy of the National Oceana and Atmospheric AdministrationYou are An exploration of a hava monk program. They published the extremely realistic images Facebook A page where it has received more than 1,000 actions and downloading comments is all asking the same question: what is the fix here?

To whom the NOAA basically said, "Dunno. "

It seems that the research org had recently seen the eel-in-sealer window in recent years, despite having explored the seals for more than four decades.

They told the media that they really did not have an idea, which would cause the focus on eze-related incidents.

We do not know if this is just a strange statistical anomalies or something that we will see more in the future.

Fortunately, all the bars that they saw were successful.

All the seals that we encountered in this slippery situation were rapidly captured by our corresponding teams and the epile was mildered and successfully removed. All seals were released and did not show any issues of the incidents.

Who asks the question: do the seals swing shields there like … recreational? Perhaps they like to be handled by the researchers. Perhaps the angles separate some water-nose beer-analogy. Perhaps the seals are just super dumb. Whatever happens, the internet fucken loves it.

Shine on, you crazy eel-huffing stamp diamonds. Never stop doing what you love;


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