Monday , June 21 2021

Prototype of flying car makes the first flight of test

Boeing reported on Wednesday that its "flying car" prototype successfully completed its first test flight, as part of its project to develop autonomous air taxi taxis.

The vehicle is designed to complete completely autonomous flights, from landing takeoff, up to 80 kilometers. It measures about nine meters in length and 8.5 wide and integrates systems of propulsion and helices to plan and move as a helicopter.

The company said the trial flight took place on Tuesday outside Washington.

Boeing, like other companies such as Uber and startup supported by Google Founder Larry Page, develops vehicles that can be used for air transport with autonomous navigation.

Tests will continue to "improve the security and reliability of independent air transport on request," said the company. "In one year we moved from concept design to a prototype of flight," said Boeing-tech leader Greg Hyslop.

"This is how the revolution looks and needs autonomy," said John Langford, president and head of Aurora, the subsidiary of the Boeing in charge of the project. "Certain autonomy will enable silence, clean and safe urban air mobility."

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