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Queen Max's unusual whim in Buenos Aires

December 1, 2018

The Netherlands sovereign gave himself a taste in a shop located in Recolet, after the finery at Pillar Theater.

Queen Max's unusual whim in Buenos Aires

After a week full of meetings with different authorities from our country, the wife the king Guillermo Alexander Time and time He passed through a very famous ice room where he enjoyed a handmade craftsman.

This event took place when the show was over "Argentum" directed by Ricky Pashkus in the theater Columbus, The Who has hosted the most important world leaders.

The people who tasted a delicate dessert did not hesitate to photograph it and upload the content to social networks, showing it smiling with its stunning yellow clothes, in the ice room Freddo which is located Junín and Guido, compared to Recoleta Cemetery.

The highest of the Netherlands became the queen of color

One must remember that the queen The Netherlands He arrived in the country on Wednesday Amsterdam within the framework of the top of G20, under the accusation of a special adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations Financial Inclusion.

The Global Alliance for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) is an inclusive platform for all countries of the G20 and those others interested in working for it.

Within his vast agenda of activities in Argentina, he met the president of the Central Bank, The Guido Sandleris and with the current minister Treasure, The Nicolás Dujovne, with whom he analyzed the progress made by the Government national level of financial inclusion.

Also, Maximum Space was created to meet and share dinner with its former school students Inland, which was released in 1988 and visits the Boating Club de Beccar

It's the first visit of Queen Max to Buenos Aires after her sister's death Innes who died in June. The body of the woman was found by her mother in her apartment located in the Belgrano district.

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