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Red Dead Online will give its players a bonus of gold

Read here the weekly Rockstar update.

The beta of Network Dead Online, An online multiplayer player Red Dead Redemption 2 was supported by a strong community of players since its launch, although it still has some aspects and features that polish to offer even better game experience.

In this sense, Rockstar is responsible for publishing its weekly update on Red Dead Online, who mentioned, among other things, the existence of a bonus for players who log in to the 25 to January 27.

Specifically, The bonus will be five gold bars to active players during this weekend and is planning to pay to all next Tuesday, January 29. On the other hand, the company expressed its comments on the road Fever of Arms, here we leave part of the statement:

After the launch of the new Weapon Fever, we discovered some problems in coincidence. Some of them have been solved by short improvements, but we are constantly working to introduce a series of more appropriate and sustainable solutions over the long term. These secondary improvements should help make the rooms more full, and we will also solve more errors in the following updates of the game. The experience of a game in Gun Fever is better that the more competitors exist, so, if you had problems last week because there were few people in the rooms, we urge you to give it another opportunity this weekend, because we see that There are many more players in the games, and in PS4 and Xbox One.

If you have not yet tried it, Army fever is an untiring battlefield in the west; Fight to the death for a maximum of 32 players, which can be played by teams or #? something against # something. The players compete in a A fight that is scratching and in which they will have to ride, if they want to move rapidly (with the risks that entail).

As well, you can search weapons (like Mauser pistols, repeating shotguns, cracked bottles o arrows explosive), as well as valuable armor and hard to get (such as Ned Kelly's armor, which protects you from heads of head) to help you survive in the end.

Finally, the company confirmed that they corrected many errors and made several changes and improvements in the game according to the comments of the players, such as those that aim to optimize the experience. Game icons according to their proximity, The Changes in the system of breaks with a faster access to the "In conflict" state, improvements in the rewards, and other aspects that prevent players from annoying others and at the same time present a new dynamics between welcome hunters and criminals, as well as daily challenges with rewards of golden thorns, etc.

At present, Rockstar Plans include these and other improvements in a game update scheduled for the coming months.

The Pinkerton in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 are available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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