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River Boca: tickets for the Real Madrid members flew and are already sold – 12/02/2018

Where there is a passion, some find the opportunity to do business. The seven thousand tickets for the Super Bale and Rivero at Santiago Bernabéu on Sunday 9 were solved in just two hours at the official site, priced at 80 to 220 euros. Anyway, Not everyone has got them with the intention to go to the stadium.

The Spanish site How There has been a lot of tickets in the shops, the offer of tickets for the game. Because the operation is illegal, the user pleads the formula to sell two feathers and make sure he gives a couple of tickets for the Superclassic, who will set the Glass Libertadores. All for 1,000 euros.

Thus, while many River partners who legitimately bought their ticket, they can not attend the show because they can not afford a trip to Europe, many of Madrid have seen the opportunity to make economic difference.

Those who have the chance to go will still have more opportunities to get their ticket. Both Boca and Rivero will have 20,000 tickets for non-residents in Argentina, through the page of Conmebol. And for the inhabitants of Argentina there will be five thousand places for Boca and Rivero. They are nominal tickets that each club assigns, non-transferable, and every fan must withdraw it in Madrid with the presentation of the ID.

A week after the end of the completion, which could not be made in the Monumental, the first chapter of ticket sales has already left tracks that it will not be easy to access the Bernabéu for fanatical feet.

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