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Rodrigo Eguillor denounced a girl for sexual abuse – 07/12/2018

Two days before he fought with Lourdes Segura, 21, on his balcony in his house in San Telmo, Rodrigo Eguillor (24) reported sexual abuse to another girl. Also younger.

As confirmed Bugler from N ° 11 Attorney No. 11, who is conducting the investigation on the matter, the former public relations that just sworn their freedom ratified in the Court n. 37 the complaint he made on November 13. Although details can not be revealed – for protection to the victim, apart from sexual abuse, Eguillor said he had suffered "persecution".

The lawsuit reached the Court of Silvia Ramond and passed instructions to the prosecutor in 1536 Paraguay Street. The case is still pending after the researchers have asked Eguillor for more information about this episode. "It did not happen in this department of San Telmo," said sources. The defendant has not yet been investigated.

Departure from Rodrigo Eguillor of the City council of La Plata, after a prisoner.

Departure from Rodrigo Eguillor of the City council of La Plata, after a prisoner.

This is the second accusation that the Fiscal Justice son of Paula Martínez Castro, formally this year. Also denounced by coercion to his own father, in the patio of Instruction No. 7 Buenos Aires, to want to go into neuropsychiatry.

Eguillor's father is a businessman of 54 with a direction in Ezeiza but is very well known among the inhabitants of Canning. He ran a grate on the Sergeant Cabral street in that city of Buenos Aires.

After spending a night in Alcaida III of La Plata by order of Judge Horacio Rhyb, when he released, he repeated that he was innocent and said they had no evidence against him. And he said he was "sorry" because of his life on Instagram.

While Fernando Burland, a lawyer's lawyer on the balcony, is preparing the attempt to ask for the arrest of Eguillor, on Friday Marcos Torerolo, the young person who lived with the defendant in San Telmo, gave a witness statement. As you might know Bugler He also called the women slowly, besides saying "mines", "mines", all the time.

Between the two is no longer a friendship. Eguillor refers to him as an "ex-friend". Marcos was in the same two-bedroom apartment, in which, according to the complainant, the former public connection forced her to have sex twice and without a rubber.

After a sexual trio, as the defendant said, he would leave the only key to the house. So, although the police and the sister of Lourdes arrived, they had to enter breaking the door with an ax.

"Lourdes says that there is a bit of complicity between Rodrigo and his friend, and they show him a video that deals with sexual commitment (Marcos recorded)," Burland said. After the conclusion of Mark's statement, he will decide whether he also opposes him in Justice.

The one of Lourdes joins Eguillor's two other causes as an accused: one for abuse and another for preparation (engaging in networks with minors for sexual purposes).

The abuse is from 2016 and is in the Criminal Courts and Correspondent Numbers 9. In this file, the young person will be sentenced to a trial accused of "dehoused abuse", following the complaint of an employee of the Casino of Buenos Aires. The girl on the balcony is the most important procedural level, due to the crime of "aggravated sexual abuse" and "injuries".

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