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Sheila's aunt Ayala was released and her husband is the only defendant

Aunt Shalia Ayala

Aunt of Shilo Ayala, the ten-year-old girl
Was found murdered on October 18 in the city of San Miguel, Buenos Aires, was released this morning at the request of the prosecutor of the case, but will continue to be questioned, according to legal sources.

The first is Leonella Abigail Ayala, 25, who recovered her freedom at the dawn of the mansion of Malcolm Romero, where she has been detained since finding the body of her niece and daughter.

The prosecutor of Malvinas Argentinas Gustavo Cressado realized that there are not enough benefits for
To keep the doe in custody, which requested the "immediate release" of the judge of the 3 guarantees of San Martín, Mariano Grammatico Mazzar.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor asked to keep Ayala's husband, Fabian Eceiel González Rojas, who he considers the author of Shilo "the most serious murder for treason and murder."

The case

Sheila disappeared on October 14 at around noon, when she was last seen with friends in the Trujillo neighborhood of San Miguel, where she lived with her father.

After four days of searching and accusing the parents of who could have been responsible for his disappearance, the Buenos Aires police found the girl's body in a bag, in an industry where rubbish was lying between two walls.

The site is adjacent to the building where Leonella Ayala and Gonzalez Rogge lived, on the second floor, from the terrace, six meters high, believing the victim was thrown.

The autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was choking in a loop with an element that left a three-centimeter-wide groove in the width, which could be matched to a sheet of children found in the body bag.

The girl also had post-mortem fractures in some of her ribs, which, according to estimates, could have occurred in the erased exercise.

While the autopsy did not identify any typical injury to abuse, the prosecutor is waiting for the results of DNA studies and other expertise to try to prove whether Shilo was killed during an unfulfilled sexual assault, as he believes after finding the naked body in a bag.

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