Tuesday , January 26 2021

Sleep more than eight hours a day increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Sleep more than eight hours a day increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Dormo is one of the most enjoyable and necessary activities that man does every day. Along with food and water intake, rest is necessary to maintain good health, physically and mentally.

However, there are those who extend their recommended sleep for more hours, believing that when they sleep more, they will be healthier, but this thinking is not quite true.

According to a study published in the European Heart Newspaper, the number of hours a person sleeping, including napping, is linked to the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

They found that people sleeping more than eight hours a day, are more likely to die, suffer from heart disease or blood vessels in the brain, compared to those who sleep the recommended time.

The study lasted almost 8 years and estimated 116,632 people aged 35 to 70 in 21 countries. During this period, 4381 died and 4365 suffered from cardiovascular diseases.

The investigation revealed that those who slept between eight and nine hours had a 5% risk, those who ran between nine and ten hours, risked 17% and those who slept for more than ten hours had 41%.

In spite of this, everything must be balanced, because those who have rested less than six hours have a 9% risk.

For every thousand people sleeping less than six hours, 9.4 developed cardiovascular diseases or died every year; Among those who slept six to eight hours, this happened in 7.8.

In the group that ran from eight to nine hours it happened in 8.4; who slept nine to ten hours 10.4 and, for those who extended their sleep more than ten hours, 14.8.

The main author, Chuangshi Wang, a student student at McMaster and Peking Union Medical College, said: "Our study shows that the optimal duration of an estimated sleep is six to eight hours a day for adults."

Salim Yusuf, medical professor and executive director of Health Health Research in McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences, added: "The general public should make sure they sleep between six and eight hours a day. On the other hand, if you sleep over regularly, more than nine hours a day, then you may want to visit a doctor to control all your health. "

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