Monday , August 2 2021

Some 6,500 people live with AIDS in Rosario

Within the framework of the World Day of Action against the AIDS, which today commemorates, the Secretary of Health, Leonardo Caruana and coordinator of Promusida Damián Lavarello announced the epidemiological situation of HIV / AIDS in Rosario and the province. . The meeting also attended Soledad Rodríguez, head of the Provincial Institute of Work-Social Institute (Iapos) and Carolina Beams, provincial director of the Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health.

According to the data presented, it is estimated that in the province 10,800 people live with HIV / AIDS, of which 6,500 are from Rosario, representing 60% of the province and 4.8 percent of the country. Some 3,000 people receive antiretroviral treatments provided by the Nation in the Public Health System.

Regarding the vertical installment (mother – son / daughter) in the last 6 years was 1.9 percent, with the lowest rates in the country.

For prevention, the Public Health Ministry tries about half of the couples of pregnant women who are served in the health network, leading this strategy and ratifying the importance of involving men and women as a couple with pregnant women.

In recent years, mortality has decreased, with a mortality rate lower than the national tax in Rosario.

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