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The Bucket leaf with the club cups sold in Madrid

December 7, 2018

The traditional mantle for neck usually sells in Europe with the colors of the equipment of the old continent. The end of the Copa Libertadores took this habit to the Superclassic with an unpardonable error.

The end of the Glass Liberating There are already heating machines in Madrid and the opportunists who are aiming to win another euro with this party have begun to sell the traditional lamb with the colors of each team.

In Europe these bags are common with club names and fans show them during the matches as if it were a flag. However, Xeneizes They will have to fix their own if they want to have them properly due to typed error.

"Boca Junulo"Tell the skateboards that clearly lack one"S"Finally, the club's name is fine writing and saying" Boca Juniors ".

Tevez: "We've got the illusion to go in the Monumental"

Meanwhile, this only served to revive the controversy to move the end of the Glass Liberating to Europe and to take it out of the US, which definitely has taken away the essence of the tournament and many have argued that the definition was taken to a country where they do not know how to write the name of one of the finalists.

The question of discussion, River and Mouth They will play on Sunday 9 December at 16:30 in our country, the Cup-Libertadores final. The game will play in the stadium Santiago Bernabéu, the house of Real Madrid, who will replace the stage Monuments after the events that the micro has lived Xeneize November 24.

In case of draw during the 90 minutes, they will go to extra time. If they are still not in use during the 15-minute period, they will define the competition with punishments. The winner will return to the country with the Cup and the ticket to go to dispute in a few days Club World.

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