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The challenges of the gas company, which are born from the Canadian Brookfield

Gas Natural Fenosa opens its name and image today

Johnny Giraldo López – [email protected]

In 1987, with the help of the Government, a Gaso Natura S.Al. ESP, a company in charge of supplying gas to the capital of the country and its surrounding communities, having Ecopetrol as its main shareholder. 22 years later, the company completed 1.5 million links worldwide and was acquired by the Spanish Union Fenosa, so the word "Fenosa" was incorporated and the company was well-known. until today. At present, the company has more than three million links and changes its name and image regarding ownership change: Brookfield, which has 54.7% of the shares.

A few weeks from the beginning of the new year, there are some challenges that this new company must assume to fulfill the obligations of its map. Here, at least three:

1. Increase gas consumption

With more than three million facilities and a network of 22,000 kilometers, Gas Natural has a market share of 32% and wants to increase the use of natural gas in homes by 50%.

"If all the homes could heat the water by gas, and also use it in chimneys or dry clothes, consumption could increase more than half of what is happening today. Many people say that this resource has reached its maximum in the country, yet there is a long way to exploit it and reaching it depends on the help of government regulations, "Rodolfo Anaya Bello, president of Gas Natural, told the media.

2. Transmilenio stock

The company will provide about five million cubic centimeters a year to the massive transport system in Bogotá, Transmilenio, for the next 10 years. This commerce means selling near $ 30,000 million annually.

Despite the fact that the contracts and transports have signed up, it is still necessary to build the infrastructure of the brackets to the yards and to the compressed stations so that the project is already operational. The investment for these constructions will be $ 20,000 million.

"We will build three stations for each patio with redundant equipment and give us enough security to our users. Our supplier will be Ecopetrol," added Anaya.

3. Extend coverage

Although Gas Natural Fenosa has a large market share in the business, its coverage is barely reaching 8.8 million people. For analysts, this is a low number considering Dane's last census revealed that there are 13 million homes.

"We need a broad policy of natural gas that generates signs of growth in demand and long-term investment in the country," said Orlando Cabrales, president of Naturgas.


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