Friday , July 30 2021

The character of the Neptunia series will leave its fixed position at Idea Factory –

If you are a follower of the console wars and the complicated video game industry, it is likely that once you've heard about the series Neptune de Idea Factory and Kompi Heart, which is inspired by the world's real tendencies to create a world of science fiction controlled by videojuegos.

One of the aspects that emphasize that this IP is its component of unique characters that combine modern elements with details of the real world and even other fantasy stories, in color animation of drawings, which give rise to both scenes of a visual novel like to cave of investigating environments within the play.

Unfortunately the original designer of characters in the series, Tsuanko, announced in a recent blog that he had decided to leave the company because he needed to move to a place closer to his family's house to take care of his family members who are not in good health.

When moving, you can not complete the hours of the established office Idea Factory or in any other company so far from your area. However, he confirmed that he would continue to work with the company in the series Neptune As a freedman, so he will do a job for home orders or any other nearby office.

The next installment of the series, Super Neptunia RPG, confirmed its launch Nintendo Switch for the next spring in the West, and it is comforting to know that Tsuanko will continue to pay his talent in this and in the franchise's upcoming titles.


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