Friday , July 30 2021

The Chaveño Palavecino wrapped controversial comment

The musician made a comment on the tevé chronic tattoo and generated strong discussions in social networks. The host of the program has been released.

The Chaqueño Palavecino was preparing to give a note when he drew up a chronicle without a tattoo.

The words of the musician caused a rejection in social networks and caused the host's release of the program, where the event took place.
The situation took place in the presentation of the Summer Festivals of Cordoba, where before starting with the air note, the Chaqueño made mention of the tattoo that Ivana Freitag had on his back: "And when I look for you, there are no beds that I do not have a trip … ", he recited, generating the laughter of the reporter and the others.

During that time there were no reactions from the news producers, hours later, Guadalupe Zamar expressed himself with a strong cooling.

"Those who made notes to this artist, we know about their tendency to waste and their marked sexism. Unfortunately, usually moving in this environment and knowing the convention of the figure, we usually choose not to put it in its place," said Zamar on Facebook.

The full text the host uploads to your Facebook account:

Last Tuesday, as I traveled through the Central Newsletter, I experienced a situation in which I did not know to react properly. And knowing that I am a communication, I think I have to make reflection and public self-criticism.

In a live mobile phone, a great companion interviewed the Chaqueño Palavecino during the presentation of the Interviews. Who made notes to this artist, we know of his tendency to waste and his marked sexism. Unfortunately, usually moving in this environment and knowing the convention of the figure, we usually choose not to put it in its place.

Paradoxically, as a journalist I had to tell situations of persecution and sexism, and from my training I tried to do it with a critical eye, which is not easy. Many times I complained that before the machismo had to speak before the persecution. Many times I joined the One One Less to finish these ill-haired practices.

But in spite of all this, on Tuesday, I was a direct witness on the situation of oral and public prosecution and honestly, the situation also paralyzed me. I felt complication. As a communicator I did not know what I should say, nor how to protect my partner, which I saw absolutely exposed. The phone lasted, my colleague with great professionalism advanced the note. I understand that he did not know how to act in the adrenaline of the moment and have a live note in the air.

My cellphone was closed, I mentioned the old Chaqueño, and nothing else. But the thing did not stop in my head. I should have been energetic, saying what I thought, it is threatening that anger goes beyond me and will leave my role as a politically correct communication.

Analyzing the cold situation, I understand that I could choose not to say anything to leave it. But that feels incorrectly and essentially irresponsible. The Chaqueño Palavecino was awake and returned to release his machining and we would not do anything to stop him.

Nor was there a production meeting later to analyze the situation, and no other seemed to notice it. Luckily, there are attentive colleagues who helped me make the decision to do something, even if it was this post. Afternoon is better than ever.

These things can no longer be paralyzed. We can not keep silence. It can not give the same. It hinders me deeply that a person who believes in superiority can make confused, offensive and sexist comments about another person, especially when the other person is a worker who does his job.

I apologize that I did not publicly scorn and did not reject the tirelessness of the Chaqueño Palavecino at the moment.


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