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The dollar is sold at 36.50 pesos in Posadas

The dollar is sold at 36.50 pesos in Posadas

It is the average value of the currency in exchanges of the Missionary Capital. Yesterday in Buenos Aires before the credits of the weights not renewed in Lebac's latest offer, the dollar only rose two hundred on Wednesday to $ 37.25, in banks and agencies.

Beyond the hard rise, the retail ticket took hold of its second push by row, moving away from the floor of the $ 37, which was charged at the end of last month (earning a minimum of $ 36.38 less than two weeks ago).

In the Single and Foreign Exchange Market (MULC), the currency increased seven and half hundreds of dollars up to $ 36,255, maintaining a very defined ground over $ 36. The volume operated an increase of 20% up to a total of $ 569 million

The exchange market experienced a calm day, with a daily daily oscillation, affecting a maximum of $ 36.30 at the start of the wheel, and a minimum of $ 36.23, at the best moments of the provision of cereal exporters, which they sold approximately $ 50 million, according to operators.

"It was a flat day, waiting for investors' pesos that did not renew Lebac. Just this Thursday, the market will receive that volatility of the BCRA to make it possible to provide the form they think most convenient, or own themselves in dollars and / or place other assets in weights, utilizing the interest rates, which are about 50% "said Ferdinando Izzo of the ABC Exchange of Changes.

In what was the last offer of the Lebac (they will expire in December and will no longer be offered), the Central awarded Tuesday $ 39,754 million in Lebac up to 28 days with a rate of almost 50% nominal annual, so it released to the market more than USD 120,000 million.

It is expected that this liquid will be taken very much by the Treasure, who delivered this Wednesday Daily Letters in Pesos, carried out by CER (LECER) and Capitalizable Letters in Pesos (LECAP) at the nominal monthly rate of 4%, for 91 days term.

Another part of the excessive weights could go to the dollar, although this Thursday "it will be a difficult day to operate in market exchange", thanks to the United States holiday (Thanksgiving Day), Izzo explained. It is expected that the activity will be reduced and with little opportunity to consider when a great change is considered in the current trend.

Meanwhile, during the day the Central Bank took advantage of the step exchange to validate the new loss of the Leliq tariff up to 7 days, thus reducing 62% per year (the average yield rate was 61,954%, of 62.118%). The maximum rate was 62.397%, while the amount amounted to $ 97.934 million, compared to maturity of $ 74.320 million.

With the last two dollars, the price goes away – at present – from the ground of non-intervention (today at $ 35,717), something that seemed immediate during the first week of November.

The market expects that the decline in the high weights is estimated and the electoral uncertainty will continue to rise, the dollar of portfolios will go ahead with greater force.

It is worth noting that, on Wednesday, the cheaper currency spokeswoman helped a little more calm international scene after the greatest risk perceived between Monday and Tuesday.

• Other currency markets

In the currency exchange between banks, "money money" was operated at an average of 60%. In the future market of ROFEX, they sold US $ 837 million, of which more than 60% agreed between November and December, with prices of $ 37 and $ 38.44 respectively; and taxes of 83.34% and 54.99% TNA. The futures ended with losses of more than two hundred pounds, unlike the location.

In the informal market, meanwhile, the blue rose four hundred dollars up to $ 36.30, according to the investigation of this resource in caves of the center of Buenos Aires. The "liquid capacity" picked up 22 percent at $ 36.23 yesterday.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves fell at $ 223 million on Tuesday and closed at $ 51,832 million.

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