Saturday , January 23 2021

The emotional video of Marta and Felipe in the tribute to Ricardo Fort in the "Balance 2018"

(Video: ShowMatch, El Trece)

For the first time, Marta and Felipe Strong they have appeared ShowMatch. In the framework of the tribute that Mica Viciconte and his team surrendered to the media worker, the twins surprised everyone with an emotional message in which they remembered their father.

"Teleo is not equal to him as without him"said Felipe, while Martita added: "It was fun, it led us to Miami from one day to the next." After choreography, Gustavo Martinez – the current guardian of the children, said very excited: "It hurts me to think that Ricardo lacks many children's things."

"How beautiful Ricardo left these two children with so much love, Ricardo is here today," said Marcelo Tinelli, moved from what he lived in the studies of ShowMatch "Many times he missed, because he sent a stamp to this program, after the battles, he was a person who had discussed everything and also very generous, he asked things, but he always generated something, he was a producer," added the driver.

Meanwhile, the protagonist and figure of the tribute, Mica Viciconte recognized: "I'd like to meet him."

Five years after his death, the figure of Ricardo Palace He was present at the track again ShowMatch, in an emotional tribute that he had dedicated Mica Viciconte in the rhythm.

The couple expressed the glamor and eccentricity of a personage who, in a few years, shone on a television.

From Brito (Secret vote): "The most I liked most was with the kids covered." Alley, you've been back back, Muriega, you're still dancing well. "

Laurita (8): "From what I've seen so far, it was the team that struck the look most seriously, I did not convince me of the transition, but I really liked it."

Flor Peña (7): "His spirit was there, there were a few quilions here, but I understand the adrenaline, I'd like to see you more Mica".

Pole (7): "The purpose has become successful, I will value the emotion."

(Video: ShowMatch, El Trece)

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