Sunday , July 25 2021

The hot demonstration of Noelia Marzol, who bothers Polish

"I do not rain if it's not with my boyfriend, he is already sick, if we are together, we have to bathe. We wait for a certain time since it's time to bathe. It's strictly hygienic, since nothing has happened when we bathe," said the blonde.

When Andy wanted to know more about this practice, the actress also added that she liked to make a "pile" with her companion and that everyone could understand, she acted with Polaco, in which she was closer to the tropical singer.

"You're playing with fire," surprised comedian Gutmann, while the rest of the guests laughed loudly.

Unfaithful without fault

In another of the program's proceedings, Noelia Marzol was surprised by confessing that she disregarded all her former colleagues and she never felt guilty.

"I think all of us have started to get rid of me and I have been unfaithful in my previous relationships. I'm not proud to tell you, but I do not feel guilty. It's bad, very bad, it seems to be very cold," explained the model.

"I wish they will not dislike me, and I would not be unfaithful, but I'm hard to implement it, first because I can not control the other," he added.

When everything seemed that it could end up in scandal, Marzol explained that she was very good with her boyfriend and that she was faithful to him.

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