Friday , July 30 2021

The impeccable aspect that Queen Max chose for the G20

Look at the aspects that Máxima chose, as a representative of the UN for Inclusive Financing for Development, during the G20.

Maximum Zorreguieta has arrived in our country on Friday, to participate in the G20 summit, according to its role Special Adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations. And as always as he used to us, he staggered with his good taste. Some can criticize her to attend her native country and do not wear any design of Argentine clothing, but no one can say she did not dress beautifully for the occasion.

The first day where Maximum he was in Buenos Aires, She wore Michael Kors's dress, which was recorded before the rooms, it was welcome that the President and the first lady had given him before he had spoken at the CCK. The dress was made of wool, with an opening to the front, combined in black and salmon colors.

During the G20 summit, at the entrance to the Sal Salero salon, Maximum She had a risk. In the black and white tones he crashed into the entrance to Hernan Lombardi, with an Oscar de la Renta design with "frozen shoulders."

One of the most anticipated events at the top was the Finery at the Pillar Theater. There Maximum preferred lighter tones. He chose Natano's creation, one of your favorite designers yellow tones With that same look, the Queen of the Netherlands finished the function and before retiring to rest, she passed through a ice cream to give you a taste, because this sweet one is her favorite in our country.

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On the first of December, the last day in Costa Salguero and the same day in which they attended Malba, Máxima was shown with a dress by Elie Saab. The dressed dress, had long sleeves and mid-skirts and It is not the first time that you use it for an event. The queen had this same design, during her state visit to Portugal and during the wedding of Filipos Lemós and Mariana Goulandrás in Greece.

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