Saturday , July 31 2021

"The Night of Mirtha" vs. "PH: We can talk." Which program did you win this Saturday?

All television programs are in the battle to guide the rank. Is that the situation is increasingly complicated, giving the hard competition with streaming services like Netflix. So many drivers take off their boxing gloves and fight to win the stalking. Mirtha Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff know well.

Each weekend both figures compete to attract the audience's attention. This Saturday, the Chiqui invited his table to: Diego Guelar, Ceferino Reato, Sergio Gendler, Jimena Cyrulnik and María Valenzuela. Andy had the presence of Valeria Lynch, Diego Olivera, Noelia Marzol, El Polaco, Federico Bal and Dalia Gutmann. And what was the winning proposal?

Again, Ph: We can talk. The Telefe cycle has reached 12 points. While broadcasting Thirteen reached poor 6.5 points. For a few weeks now the best numbers were taken by Kusnetzoff. The diva, although she is struggling with everything, does not have the expected result. We will have to wait to see the final result, the presenter of PH announced that on Saturday, December 15, will finish its season, while the actress is still not sure, maybe it will end that day or the 22 of this month.

On the other hand, the diva will have another opportunity today to reach other numbers. In lunch at Mirtha Legrand you will attend: Julián Serrano, Rocío Marengo, Bernardo Stamateas, Guillermo Andino, legal expert Raúl Torre and Mariana Genesio Rock. Very attractive proposal. How do you think it will go?

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