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The owner of Paty hamburgers is sold for US $ 60 million – 07/12/2018

The BRF of Brazil announced the sale of control of the Quickfood of Argentina, Paty hamburger and the Viennese sausagesTo Marfrig for US $ 60 million. In this way, it returns to the company that bought it in 2007 and sold it to BRF five years later.

BRF, the largest food producer in Brazil, is trying to eliminate assets of some USD 800 million to reduce its debt and sell businesses in the country and in other markets.

The company received 14 offers for Argentine activists and eight candidates were in the race.

The operation between BRF and Marfrig also contemplates the transfer of the premises and the equipment of the BRF plant in the Brazilian village of Várzea Grande, in Mato Grosso, for US $ 25.7 million (100 million realities). The sales agreement also includes a contract of provision in which Marfrig is committed to providing BRF with products treated as hamburgers and meat balls for five years.

Quickfood is leading the production of meat-derived foods in Argentina. The company works three plants, in San Jorge, Baradero and Arroyo Seco, with a massacre of 620 heads per day and the processing of almost 6,000 tons per month by hamburgers, sausages and frozen vegetables.

Marfrig Global Foods is located in San Pablo and was founded in 2000 by Marcos Molina, which has 35%. With plants throughout South America, its massive capacity is 4.7 million heads per year. It has 35,000 employees, presence in the US, Europe, Asia and the Oceania and export to 100 countries.

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