Wednesday , April 21 2021

The plan will accelerate the premiere of the XL World Championship after attracting the G20

Two dozen soccer balls and so many t-shirts got so that at noon on Saturday G20 he would surrender to FIFA. If the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the status of a permanent observer to the UN General Assembly, the government body in soccer is now counting, and thanks to the initiative of President Mauricio Macri with an entry into the G20 annual meetings.

"I found the leaders of the G20 incredible when you give them a ball, they are like us, they are all children," he said. Gianni Infanta during his interview with Infobae this Saturday, before leaving for Montevideo. The Swiss-Italian, red, identified a ball and a t-shirt with the name of each of the leaders or government grouped in Buenos Aires. So he seduced everyone and opened the way for a powerful speech in which he told them that the economic movement of soccer, about $ 330,000 million, made the most popular sport in the world something that is equivalent to a middle country With aspirations be a member of the G20.

– He surprised the power of his speech before the G20 presidents.

– The truth is that the enthusiasm of the leaders has surprised me, and I think they also listen to me. When you are a leading country leader, you have many problems. They like soccer, they know that many are fanatics, but they do not necessarily know what it is generating. For FIFA, it has been historic to be able to be with the top 20 leaders of the world and explain what is soccer and what it generates.

– How is Mauricio Macri's guest produced?

– We spoke to Davos in January this year and spoke for the first time about this possibility of FIFA participating in the G20, something that never happened before. At last we saw that they were all interested, excited. It's wonderful when you give them a ball in their hands, the guides are like us, they are all children.

– FIFA in the G20, the IOC with the UN …

– No, there's no competition in this regard, it's just a sport and there's only one really sporting sport that is soccer. And after what happened in FIFA, it is important for us that the states want to have a direct relationship with us. This means that things have already changed, we have managed to change the FIFA's perception. Being a member of the G-20 is more joking, but we know that developing soccer also has a positive impact on the G20 countries.

– His clarity was surprised by talking about Qatar. It owns 2022 World Cup of 48 participants and in several countries. Do you have these thoughts?

– And can you tell me?

– Would you add one more land, two more, three more …?

– Whoever wants! One two, three It would be nice. See, it's a bit complicated of course, but in soccer nothing is impossible. If we have already decided 48 to 2026, if it's good, why wait until then? We know, of course, the situation in the region. If it is not possible, we will organize a 32 World Cup that will be wonderful. And if possible, we will succeed in promoting a decision that the world wants. And we will be able to bring countries closer so that they can talk a little more with each other.

A girl who, in three years ago, has begun the relationship with Argentina and Macri in a climate of certain tension and distrust, today has a very good return with the president and the leader of the candidature for the World Cup 2030, Fernando Marin, with whom he flew to Uruguay in a private airplane from the San Fernando airport after visiting Argentina. The other Argentinean, with whom he has great proximity, is Diego Maradona: "I do not see him since the World Cup, but he does a very good deal in Mexican soccer."

Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA: "I notice an aggression in Argentina that I do not understand and do it wrong"

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